The Quinfall Responds To "Fraud" Concerns, But Only If You're On Their Official Discord

Honestly, if you're only just now becoming dubious of this project, you're a bit late to the party.

Michael Byrne
By Michael Byrne, Editor in Chief

The Quinfall Reveal

The Quinfall came out of nowhere. The first time we covered the MMORPG on this site was back in January of 2023 and we immediately had concerns with the project. Some of the claims being made on where the game was headed were just downright outlandish to us...particularly when seeing that the studio behind the project was basically an unknown.

The game's site had (and still has) very generic text in the "About Us" sections ("Found in 2021" instead of "Founded"...almost as if someone was walking by "Generic Studio Office A" and was like, "Hey, I found a game studio here"), "previews" of content via X (Twitter) have been short snippets of class abilities, and other videos released were very basic "flythroughs" of the game's empty world.

Followers have been becoming increasingly more skeptical, as MassivelyOP posted about yesterday and my friend Redbeardflynn recapped nicely in his latest video, and some have even started diving into the company's use of AI, purchased assets, and their seeming use of stock images on their site. As an aside, the MMO's site went down as I was writing this.

But do you need to really dig that far to be skeptical? In January, this unknown company was claiming to be building the "biggest MMORPG universe in the world" and promised player-run taverns, seasonal weather, and more.

Those things COULD certainly happen, but coming from a company you've never heard of and seemingly coming out of nowhere should always raise red flags and a "wait and see" approach. (See: The Day Before).

In light of more recent doubts, though, this morning the team has responded to some criticism ahead of January 30th's closed beta.

You'd have to join their Discord if you want to see these responses, though.


On the topic of purchasing assets, the team says that yes, they are doing that and that they've never made a secret about it, and they are doing so to focus on the game's systems and the "world's largest MMORPG universe" measuring in at 2016 square kilometers (despite followers pointing out that the current file size on Steam doesn't really jive with that size and proposed asset count.)

As for closed beta, you cannot sign up for it anymore. If you filled out their previous silly survey, that didn't count for this test, that was for a previous event. Basically, if you weren't already hand picked for this upcoming test, you aren't getting in. The test will be under NDA (future closed beta tests will not), and open beta (which is when the game will actually be available via Steam, the date on the page was just updated to say "Coming Soon") will be a paid access point with some free keys likely to be given away via social media.

The team also confirmed they are using AI, that they have developed an MMORPG before, and that anyone calling the title a "fraud" is making the allegation with "no logic" since there wasn't a KickStarter or any funding being asked for and closed betas are free.

Two points:

1) The MMORPG the "5-person team" created was Kayra Online. The team claims it launched within just one year. It was only available in Turkey. Two years later, in 2021, the project was terminated and The Quinfall development began (according to the company's site, at least). While you can find video of this game in some smaller places on the internet, don't expect much. It may be a bit on the "impressive for a 5-person team" front, but it obviously had a more dated approach to most systems, including graphics.

2) Can we please stop with the "we didn't take money so we can't possibly be a scam/fraud" thing? This is absurd. The Day Before used that line a multitude of times. You can 100% be a scam, a fraud, or both without taking a dime from consumers. A company could be scamming other companies, potential investors, or (like The Day Before often did) simply using your following to market other games/products. "Financial" isn't necessarily the only "gain" in a fraud. Sometimes frauds are perpetrated for different reasons. Is The Quinfall a fraud? Who the hell knows? Maybe, maybe not. Either way "we didn't take money from you" isn't the "oh you must be legit" statement that they think it is.


The long and the short of it is that, right now, it doesn't matter if The Quinfall is a "fraud" or not. They could be 100% totally legit and working hard on something they think will be amazing. It doesn't matter.

If you're a hopeful gamer, anytime a studio starts making "biggest ever" claims, you should be skeptical. When it comes from a studio you've never heard of, you should be even more skeptical. Wait and see what the team drops. Nothing they've dropped so far has been mind-blowing in any way. Maybe that will change, maybe it won't.

If you're part of The Quinfall's leadership, you're making dumb mistakes that make you look sketchy. It isn't hard to take a picture of your actual offices for your site. If most of your work is remote, use pictures of your team members. If you have a product ready for an actual closed beta, put it out for an actual closed beta, not some "predetermined list" of specific testers. If you have content worth testing, show some of it off. Make information more readily available to the public, stop posting ONLY to your Discord where only people already hopeful of your project meet up. These are self-inflicted wounds you're now having to respond to and they could all have been avoided.

In short, don't get your hopes up and keep that wallet closed for now. If they have a product worth a damn, you'll see it before you have to spend anything to do so. If you can't see it before then, I guess you have your question answered at that point.

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