Vawraek Technology Shares A Massive Roadmap For The Quinfall’s 2nd Closed Beta n June...But No Date Yet

It’s a lot.

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The Quinfall CB2 Roadmap

These days, it seems like most gamers would have a fairly solid idea of how much work goes into creating video games – especially huge projects like MMORPGs. Most of us are used to devs sharing the progress of their work in roadmaps and various announcements. Often, those roadmaps cover the biggest things, what will be done soonest, or what they believe players are looking for.

Then there’s the 2nd Closed Beta roadmap for Vawraek Technology’s The Quinfall. This roadmap, shared on the game’s site, lists 50 different items, all in different stages of "done." Some are complete or nearly so – 99% finished. Others are at around the 70-80% mark. The items listed range from building out the world’s map: biomes, cities, villages, etc. to character customization, skills, and character development. There’s a lot.

Considering how many of these items are already or nearly completed, it seems like players won’t be waiting too much longer for the next closed beta. Now, those interested can track the progress on The Quinfall site.

What isn't revealed, though, was an actual date for the previously announced June closed beta (it's a spoiler in their last video). Remember, this round of beta testng will not include an NDA so it'll be the first time the public at large will be able to get a glimpse of this somewhat skeptic-inducing MMO. Well, see something that isn't a company-made promo video, that is.

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