Top 5 Halloween Events In Free-To-Play Games in 2017

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor

One of the best things about multiplayer online games is that the developers really get into the holiday spirity. Dpending on the game in question, players will be treated to festivals, quests, skins, and even full blown events. With fall having arrived, games are kicking off their Halloween -- or in some cases Harvest -- events. So, with that in mind, we've decided to round up some of our favorite Halloween events.

Before we get started there are a few things to note: To compile this list, we decided that the events have to have some Halloween themes and not just be all about harvests. They also need to consist of more than skins and sales. (We'll have a post all about the best skins next week.)

So, with that out of the way. Let's get rolling!

Here are MMOBomb's Top 5 Halloween Events in Free-to-Play Games!

5: DC Universe Online's The Witching Hour

Super Heroes and Halloween have gone together ever since someone figured out they could sell hero costumes to kids and make a lot of money. The good news is that some heroes and villains just lend themselves to all the creepiness associated with the holiday -- especially if those characters are related to Gotham City in any way.

In DC Universe Online's The Witching Hour event, chaos reins in Gotham City. Players -- both heroes and villains -- can pick up a special event quest titled "The Midnight Masquerade" which takes place in a nightclub of the same name. The event also adds a spooky daily mission by the name of "The Witching Hour" that allows players to earn a currency known as "Spooky Bites" which can be used to purchase funky Halloween costumes, base items, and a new house pet.

4: WildStar's Shade's Eve

Shade's Eve is a popular event among fans of the sci-fi MMO WildStar. This annual event -- much like its real world counterpart -- makes things that should be scary fun. The celebration takes place in the game's capital cities, and players are sent on adventures where they must defeat the evil Jack Shade and prevent the return of a deadly plague.

Shade's Eve features quests, open events, and even housing related activities. There's even a special instance that is only available during this time of the year. And, as expected, there will be plenty of spooky goodies to just outright buy. Like a skeleton costume and a hover... tombstone?

Unlike some of the other events listed here, this one has yet to start but will kick off soon on October 20.

3: MapleStory's Monster Bash

In the realm of Halloween events, MapleStory really won't win any prizes for being scary. Well... How could it? It's literally asking you to pinch its cheeks and tell it how cute it is in baby talk. This year's Halloween festivities in MapleStory involve hunting monsters in order to obtain candy, a summonable Cat-O-Latern (Yes, you read that correctly), a hospital-themed dungeon that might be scary if the characters weren't so adorable, and another dungeon apparently filled with skeletal zombies.

The event offers players a good bit in the way of rewards including the chance to obtain rare totems once all the event quests have been completed. Like WildStar's event, this one kicks off a bit later in the month on October 18.

2: Secret World Legends Samhain

So, when it comes to Halloween events, a lot of game developers might opt to go a little more low-key considering they have a Christmas event to worry about down the line. That said, it was noted a while back, this IS Secret World Legends' Christmas.

SWL's Halloween event consists of special Halloween-themed missions. Each year, the developers bring back previous content while adding more.

While full details have not been dropped for the event this year, we do know that we'll at least be seeing the return of the content from the very first Halloween event -- The Cat God. There will be at least three missions (2 investigation and one dungeon) to participate in.

There will also be a Halloween-themed public raid, similar to the Whispering Tide event that happened before Tokyo's launch. If the updated Secret World loading screen is anything to go by, it looks like we might be fighting Jack, the gnarly pumpkin guy from New England.

In addition, there will be special daily login rewards -- on top of the already existing rewards. And of course, there's already an updated cache with potential Halloween cosmetics available in the game.

Samhain begins in Secret World Legends next Wednesday, October 18.

1: RuneScape's Dimension Of The Damned

It just wouldn't be Halloween if zombies were involved somewhere. Luckily, RuneScape has everyone covered with a two week event featuring a special "completely free" game mode. Over a period of two weeks, players will build, craft, and (hopefully) cooperate with each other to survive a full blown zombie invasion. The great news is that players won't go into this under powered as they'll have a fully maxed version of their account to work with.

Players earn points by killing a variety of zombies -- including bosses that will require 10 players to defeat. These points will be spent on loot boxes containing equipment, power-ups, and more.

Near the end, the players with the most points will be invited to a two-hour, winner-take-all deathmatch. Survive the monsters, survive the shrinking world. Be the last man standing and get some sweet rewards.

Granted, as far as Halloween events go, this one is definitely for the more competitive among us. Of course, that's not the only spooky thing that RuneScape has going on. For those who may not want to take each other on in a zombie survival brawl, there's also more festive content involving helping out ghosts with sad stories to tell and puzzles to solve. The neat thing here is that half the stories in this quest are player submissions. Those who complete it will earn some Halloween goodies, incluing a new emote, and a cosmetic outfit.

RuneScape's zombie fest will begin in a few short days on the 16th.

So there's our list for 2017, but we want to hear from YOU! What's YOUR favortie free-to-play game's Halloween event of all time, not just this year? Tell us about it below!

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Zariarn 5 years ago
Shadow of the Mad King is a great Halloween event for GW2.

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Happy Halloween!

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