PlanetSide 2

From wizards to ninjas, starships to battleships, there’s a free-to-play game for just about everyone out there. Some are better than others, though, whether it’s due to gameplay, the cash shop, or just that special “something” you can’t quite quantify.

But quantify we will do over the next few weeks, as the staff of MMOBomb takes a crack at ranking the top 50 free-to-play games in existence as of the end of 2015!

To qualify for the list, a game had to be “effectively launched” in North America. That did count games in beta, as long as they were fully free and didn’t require any selection process (like a typical closed beta) to get in. That’s why you’ll see Brawlhalla on the list, which is in open beta and anyone can play right now, but not H1Z1, which requires payment at this time, or Total War: Arena, which requires a beta key to play.

The four of us – Mike, Jason, Zach, and Quintlyn – rated our top 50 choices to create this list, which we’ll reveal to you, 10 games at a time, every Monday for five weeks. Our selections were averaged out and tweaked slightly if one person was way far off from everyone else’s choices to develop the final rankings.

This is it! The end of a month-long journey, where we reveal to you what we think is the best of the best in free-to-play gaming! Some of these games are huge financial successes, while some are critically acclaimed – and a few are both. We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as we have and while we don’t expect you to agree completely with our rankings, we hope you can understand how we arived at the spots we did for each game.

Games #41-#50
Games #31-#40
Games #21-#30
Games #11-#20

10. PlanetSide 2

Big battles raging nonstop over four huge continents – what’s not to like? Well, admittedly, PS2 hasn’t done a whole lot new since its launch three years ago, so it can get a little repetitive, but what it does do it does well and it’s an experience unlike just about anything else out there.

World of Tanks

9. World of Tanks

Wargaming’s flagship – er, flagtank? – title has over 80 million players, an international presence, and a strong e-sports scene. Those sheer numbers alone make it a top title, but its reliance on older tech and the arguably pay-to-win (and since removed) “gold rounds” have cost it in the realm of public opinion.

Dota 2

8. Dota 2

While it’s not the biggest MOBA out there, Dota 2 is possibly the most loved by its fans, and having Valve’s Steam platform to promote it heavily doesn’t hurt. It’s got a steeper learning curve that most MOBAs, which will probably prevent it from achieving the heights that others have reached, but it’s got one of the most dedicated fan bases you’ll ever see.


7. Warframe

Players can’t get enough of Warframe’s hack-and-slash-and-shoot action, and Digital Extremes delivers meaty updates, with new content and new Warframes on a regular basis. It’s a grind, but it’s a fun grind, nailing that visceral feel of being an awesomely overpowered space ninja fighting against incredible odds.


6. Rift

Rift was a good game when it launched as a pay-to-play game, and, unlike many other titles, it hasn’t hurt its image by dropping the box and subscription fee. Trion Worlds continually refines the gameplay, making it a top-tier MMO, and its cash shop practices are some of the most friendly in the business.



SMITE is proof that a smaller studio can grab a significant chunk of the MOBA pie, which helps serve as an inspiration for developers everywhere. With all the MOBAs we’ve seen recently, maybe that’s not a good thing… Still, people love SMITE for its different take on MOBA action, and hey – who doesn’t want to be a god?

Path of Exile

4. Path of Exile

Path of Exile is maybe the best lesser-known RPG in existence. It’s got multiple game modes and difficulty levels to please a wide range of fans, and it’s cash shop is so generous that it’s led us at MMOBomb to wonder how it makes money. Still, it keeps on keeping on, and that’s good enough for us!

League of Legends Caitlyn

3. League of Legends

What more is there to say about League of Legends? It’s got a big audience, big money, a big budget – and, to many people, a big problem with its perception of toxicity. That’s not undeserved, and it’s something that Riot will have to work harder to address going forward if it wants it to truly be accepted in the mainstream. It’s got a chance to do that and change what kind of entertainment people view in the 21st century.


2. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

When Hearthstone came onto the scene, there were just a few online CCGs, and very few that were free-to-play. Now, thanks to Blizzard’s wild success, everyone’s making a CCG and nearly all of them are trying to emulate Hearthstone’s payment model. The random nature of its gameplay makes Hearthstone annoying to some, but you can’t deny the incredible effect it’s had on gaming, shepherding in a new wave of titles.

Guild Wars 2

1. Guild Wars 2

The only game, along with World of Warships, that all four of us picked in the same slot, Guild Wars 2 is a lush and vibrant MMO that is probably the most inviting title in the business. With its emphasis on “jump-in, jump-out” group content encouraging a friendly atmosphere, it’s the perfect home for millions of players. Its free-to-play move in August wasn’t transcendental, but it’s opened Tyria up for everyone to experience, and it’s hard not to get hooked.


  1. To everyone complaining about this list: Please, don’t forget this is THEIR list. Their top 50 games. Not yours. You want to list your top 50, go right ahead. But this is their top choices. It’s their opinion on which games they like most and deserve a top spot, on THEIR list.

  2. Whatever games they were putting whatever places on the backlash would be the same:) That is the nature of those top10 lists heh

  3. Eeeh… Soooo you put AION, Age of Conan, Albion, Everquest 1,2 on kinda last places… And TF2 stand at 13 place above AION, War Thunder and Tera. Not truth or even close to it. And as a man that bought GW2 it’s kinda pure game. Like top 6 from 10. So i got two questions: Which are criteria of your choice and how much they pay to you?

  4. GW2 deserve the top spot for sure. It offers a full workd to explore with pvp, wvw and pve content still being done even though we got a expansion. Due to mega server system there is always people on the maps and events going on everywere. The game have limitations for f2p but they do not effect the game play in the coregame, you can do everything there.The limitations are made in less bagslots, less character slots, not possible to use trading company full out (to stop bots from ruin the echonomy in game) and chat is limited to prevent trolls to ruin the game as have happen in so many otherf2p games.

    Smite should really be higher up. It is a amazing moba game, with short matches, skillbased and it is f2p but you get in to it then you really want the full god pack. But yeah, all f2p game have some sort of addition.

    I miss TF2, since that is a game that is still going after 10 years and are totally f2p.

    I believe RIFT should not be on this top 10 list. I played and hardcore raided for many years, but after it went f2p Trion made the game about their chash shop. It is all about ripping your money off you, their pvp is shit, and the servers are empty and the new content is even empty. It is a good game to try and to have fun in for a while, but the game really is dead with a very small core group left were it is hard to get good people to their raids. The grind is just insane so Trion killed the game. Replace rift with tera.

    Dota should probably be higher up, i don’t play it my self, only tried it, but talking and reading about it give me the impression it should be higher.

  5. It’s all said, everyone know’s mmobomb is a blizzard fan and love gw2. This is a f2p list of all time, gw2 just recently got f2p and not the best example, hearthstone its a free tcg made by blizzard that is a very good company in making money, and basically p2w. Dota 2 deserves a better place, and i would love to challenge Rift vs Tera for that place (my opinion is Tera wins, new consept and game style).

    • The core game is f2p with a few limitations. You can go anywere in the coregame, and participate in every aspect of it. You can pvp (at lvl 2 with no grind to get better stats first), do wvw, and ofc do all the pve content in the core game.

      The limitaion is few, like fewer bagslots and character slots (very common in other f2p mmo’s)
      Other things is to stop what happen to other games with trolls, bots and what not is the limitation of the chat-use. There is also limitation of Trading company, but you can still craft your gear, all the way up to lvl 80 with the same stats as any other endgame player have (GW2 is not based on gear grind)

      You can also not use the new proffesion (The revenant) nor can you use the elitespecilasation. BUT i have a f2p account my self were i play in pvp, wvw and pve and i still manage well without bigger issues. Is the elite specs better? Indeed they are, but you can still be competitive if you are good enough. and GW2 was always skillbased and our pvp is not about ganking people with better stats. You have to know what you do.

      So if you want to get the new things then yes you have to buy the expansion, but this is also the case in all the mmo’s above. There is always something you can add, let it be, classes, cash shop, p2w-shop and what not.

      • “So if you want to get the new things then yes you have to buy the expansion, but this is also the case in all the mmo’s above”

        not really though… there is a difference between limiting character slot and other convenience stuff and limiting actual content

        League of Legends the only cash shop restriction for f2p players are cosmetic; WoT do have some extra tanks that usually are just a variation of tanks that are already in the game; warframe allow you to buy material and complete weapons and warframes, but you can farm everything, only slots and some visual customization are exclusive to cash shop but even than you can trade anything for platinum (cash shop currency)

        Rift and GW2 are the only ones blocking actual content, but rift does allow you to get that with in-game money while GW2 doesn’t at all, you pay or you will be restricted to even basic stuff like chat (and other games do that, but they also allow you to bypass the restriction by trading in-game stuff for premium currency)

        so the “core” game is f2p (not exactly core when things like chat are restricted) but the expansion is b2p, it is a kind of freemium model, and again, most freemium do allow you to buy the exclusive content with in-game currency

    • Its no montly sub but its true toue have to pay the game st first to play it …. And gw2 is clearly one of the best mmo outher to those who lesrn how desp is this game ….

  6. I don’t know about anyone else here but, I smell loads of bias propaganda which smells like dirty cash. Well at least this jank list made some people happy I think? I like Guild Wars 2 (which isn’t really free 2 play.) and Hearthstone but they shouldn’t be top 2.

  7. BTW don’t expect a game to come up with new content every time you finish something just because you play 24/7. if you have 5000hours + and bitch then maybe you bitch about a game that clearly kept you playing for a long time and you might ask yourself maybe i game to much.

  8. For me GW2 is the nr1 game of all times. Why well i’ve played many mmos f2p / b2p and have hundreds of games on steam but GuildWars2 is it. It’s always preference so the whole top10 would have been different for me aswell. for all the haters come with some reall arguments or just tell what kinda games you like instead. Sometimes i get the feeling if people are getting payed to trashtalk on every single forum or are just addicted to trashtalk.

    As some already said gw2 has lots of features and pretty much starts at lvl80 and is not like most other games. I’ve been playing since beta and still am.
    They did add a f2p part yes but you should see it more as a permanent trail. It has limitations but they never force you to anything. If you really like this game you should just buy it instead.

    And i will keep helping with payments not as beeing forced but because i like this game to grow even further and that i can keep playing it. As so far every penny spend has been worth my wonderful time in this game and brought me more then just playtime.

    I rather spend a 100euro on a game i play for years instead of for example 60euro on CoD and stop playing after a few days.

    • So sad that you never saw good game before. Pure content, same locations, events? Every new game got it. This game got like worst skill system ever where even positions of the skills are fixed, where you got like 5 usefull skills from 10 and they are fitted on keys 1,3,7,0! Very comfortable! This pure WWW that looks like small BG. Ok than TES online PVP could be named WWW too. This interesting choice of regrets whyle you chose human race… And i can continue this list without time. Oh wait what am I saying you compare MMORPG with CoD. Blind poor fool.

    • what you wrote is a relative thing, I think the “quest” system and “events” in GW2 is more boring than in other mmos

      the factual though is that it does have limits for f2p players and it went f2p not long ago

      so the argument is that there are more RELEVANT and more f2p-friendly f2p games on the market… considering how many years LOL is f2p, how f2p-friendly their cash shop is and how many people play it, in terms of relevance as a f2p, LOL beats GW2 by far

      • Good job in comparing a MOBA with a MMORPG. It’s like comparing an orange with a apple. They are both fruits but they aren’t in the same sub-category. This list also does that. Many of the limits of f2p in GW2 is to avoid gold sellers and WvW spies. And if the “quest” system is boring, it’s the players fault!!!! in the original design of the game and betas, was supposed to be just events! but because people like the borring s****y quest system from the other games, they had to implement them, leaving events less developed and “boring” for you!

  9. Played almost every game here and Poe is by far the best free to play title. Well thought hack and slash game with lots of updates. The Shop in GW2 and other games are super annoying and somehow ruining the experience. For example.. Guild Wars endgame always was all about skins.. now they sell most of the skins in the shop. Bad System.

    • Most of the skins are in the shop. Yeah, that’s true because you can obtain them in that way. But these skins are also at trading post, you can buy it for in-game money and it isn’t that expensive at all, if only you are likely to farm some money. Everything is obtainable through in-game money.
      Ps. I also was surprised seeing Gw2 at the first place, however i’m happy of this.

  10. Yea… Gw2 had very little endgame, felt bored after only 4’700 hours… Then i had to wait for the expansion for more content. WTH ANET?!?!

    If you did not know, mmos are supposed to have atleast 5’000 hours fun content the first 3 years!!!

    • It’s true but like many of us, we rushed through the content. and it’s a no grind game…well, at least they try it to be…

      “mmos are supposed to have atleast 5’000 hours fun content the first 3 years!!!” source?

  11. Gw2 is #1 , but really it isn t free to play , they already called it play for free , but it s the best mmo game i ever played so always deserves #1 in all freakin lists , HoT is really amazing and really low price , i want to pay more and more to support this game

    • Just because you don’t like a game, it doesn’t mean that the game is bad. And apparently others have different oppinions. Deal with it.

      • This isn’t a question of liking or not, just view the facts. GW2 gone recently to f2p, it’s true that is a good game and i have no doubt it, and as the list says F2P of all time. This should be a general list and not an opinion list (i respect opinions) but GW2 should never be in 1st place. However we not like, the 1st play should be always for LoL, (just check the facts), f2p all time, tons of money in short time and millions of players around the world… what you want more? And i’m not a LoL fan!

  12. Guild Wars 2 No.1?
    League of Flamers No.3?
    Hearthstone No.2?
    Rift No.6?
    Planetside 2 No.10?
    Dota 2 No.8 and League of Trollers No.3?
    MMObomb = 2nd IGN for me now…
    Such a disappointment.. I literally can’t trust you anymore.. Are you serious?

        • yes it cost gems, but in game there is a system where u can exchange in game currency to gems and no its not some rip off deal.. its there so people who cant afford to buy gems can earn it in game.. so yes it is free.

        • Living story is free if you logged on anytime during the event unlocked and yours forever, if you miss it the gem price is easyily attainable by playing the game.

  13. How PoE makes money?
    Stash tabs by the looks of it, they sold “well over” a million of them…assuming that is the bundled ones and just taking the straight million, the lowest they would make 1.85 million the highest 2.5 million (the lowest being with a 26% discount special sale) not to mention the extra they have from the supporters packs and extra cosmetics.

  14. This list is very very bad. Atleast am 100% sure on top 10. Imho,

    10. Planetside – yea its ok although the game is not that popular anymore.

    9.World of tanks – fine

    8. Dota 2 – this game deserves atleast in top 5.

    7. Warframe should be 8,9 or 10.But definitely in top 10.

    6.Rift should not be in top 10.Why? Classes are “Premium” and of-course behind paywall and most of its servers are it must between in #10-20.To even put WoT or Dota 2 lower rank than Rift is absolute dumbness…
    Compare it to wildstar f2p model and you will find at start wildstar’s model is bad but becomes way better than rift later on.

    5.Smite Definitely rank 5 or less.Very skillful game.Interesting heroes(Gods!).All it needs is more marketing.

    4.Path of Exile – This game deserves to be in top atleast.The game is symbol of pure free to play game.

    3.League of Legends – Definitely in top 3. Its not a surprise if its #2 or even #1.

    2.Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – I play a lot of Hearthstone and I can surely say that it does not deserves top 5 lest be #2.It is a card game which depends a lot on RNG(Luck),skills come inferior to rng and quality of cards many times.Also, at its current state, the game is very bad experience for new players as old players thrash them hard due to not having some popular cards(Dr.BOOM).

    1. Guild Wars 2: Putting a dying game at rank 1 which is not having active million players and that too,who is not even a good example of free to play(Restrictions) is very biased of you.If you people are paid for this then shame on you people for comprising the integrity of this website’s experience.

    To even think – “all four of us picked in the same slot” is so much laughable.Either you people are dumb(which I think you are not) or this is clearly a marketing strategy.

    Yet again please do compare this fake f2p(which is actually a b2p) to f2p models of rift,tera,skyforge or wildstar and everyone can see why I said that.

    • You say that this list is” very very bad”, lets see your breakdown:
      10 – you agree
      9 – you agree
      8 – you kinda disagree (just rank change)
      7 – you kinda agree (what’s the big difference? #7 or #8)
      6 – you disagree
      5 – you agree
      4 – you agree
      3 – you agree
      2 – you kinda disagree (just rank change)
      1 – you disagree

      You agree with 50% of the list, you disagree with 20% of the list and would make minor changes to 30% of the list. How does that result in a “very very bad” list and “Imho” gives you grounds to offend them?

      • First of all read it again for 5,4,3,2,1. I said they HAVE TO BE CHANGED not that I AGREE WITH THEM. RANK CHANGE MEANS I DON’T AGREE WITH THEIR CURRENT RANKS You FOOL!

        And “what gives me ground to offend them” is the fact that am their avid reader since more than 2 years.I just love this site so I full rights to give my feedback and opinions.

    • If you can get me the stats you are using to say that GW2 is dying I will believe you, but as long as there are no official stats what you said about the life of the game is bullshit, and the restrictions are not game breaking, there are people that were able to surpass paying users in terms of gear. Stop being so short sighted.

      • Omg , so many down-votes am so fricking delighted.Saw some people 1st time here Am sure some “fanbois” are butthurt.Did GW 2 hosted a event for making them good on mmobomb?? lol 😀

        Regarding GW 2 is dying mmobomb posted an article regarding the lose of players and revenues as such,why would a buy 2 play game would transitioned to a free to play then if its going good,please do answer me. 😀

        I never said its a pay to win did I? Its more of a “Pay to access features(includes socializing and more restrictions)”.
        The expansion is behind a pay wall.

        The game has just been transitioned in free to play and as such you can make it a #1 based on how it was good when it was b2p.

        Also,Tell me how is GW 2 model is better than that of Wildstar or rift or skyforge? Please do reply if you want to prove me wrong. 🙂

  15. stopped taking the thread seriously when GW2 was #1 and dota 2 is considered so far down when it has .the biggest. prize pool on e-sports.

    • agreed on GW2 #1 but saying dota 2 should be rank 1 for having highest prize pool is illogical reason man.

      A game is judge by its gameplay or popularity but definitely not by its prize pool. 😀

  16. I have to be honest, Guild Wars 2 offers no endgame.


    Everyone I know that started playing quit within a month because there were only cosmetics to grind. I came back 4 or so different times throughout its development and nothing was added for progression except for legendaries, which aren’t boss drops or anything, just grind drops.

    Yes, GW2 is a great leveling experience, but a LOT of other games are simply better in longevity, endgame, combat, and aesthetic.

    I posted a long rant about how gear treadmills and grinds are REQUIRED in MMORPGs for them to have longevity on here a while ago and it got a lot of thumbs up, I think gamers are starting to realize that grind = effort, and without effort there is no reward.

    It’s the same reason why Dark Souls is so successful, you must put in EFFORT. In MOBAs you have to put in EFFORT to be good, there’s a HUGE learning curve. In GW2 where is the effort? It’s like nu-rap or pop music, it’s fun for a while then everyone forgets about it because there wasn’t enough effort put in to make it memorable.

    • No endgame? Are you kidding me? We have pvp in a high level with NO grind and you can start at lvl 2. We have pve raids, we have pvp raids in world verses world, we have worldbosses, dungeons, fractals, crafting (which is a thing in gw2) achivement hunting, jumping puzzles, no region do ever get outdated so all regions do always have players due to mega server system. On top of this we also have events, and something called living story wich is a ongoing story through the years with heavy new content sometimes as much as every second week. And this is just the f2p game. If you buy the expansion you have even more. So if you want to complain, then complain about things that you at least know is correct and not something you just think

    • Sorry, but nope. You clearly didn’t play GW2 (or not played it enough). GW2 has end game in more than 1 form.
      Competitive sPvP leagues, WvW, Fractals of the mists, raids, ongoing story for PvE, and many other content that connects the 3 layers together (WvW, sPvP, PvE) like guild hall system, which is actually a long and expensive project, different type of legendary gear obtainable in different game modes, unique items both in appearance and effect, ect.
      Also, the fact that you said taht there is no learning curve, proves how little you know about this game. Come back to me when you’ll be good enough to win on an sPvP tournament, or good enough when you’ll be able to solo hard endgame content.

    • You don’t play GW2 to rush to max level, gear up, and beat whatever endgame there is.

      You play GW2 to immerse yourself in it. GW2 is not just a game, it is a world, it is a story. You’re supposed to explore, talking to whoever you can talk to, soaking in the sights, learning about the game’s rich lore. You’re supposed to savor every last drop of its vivid, well-written and engrossing content and plot. You’re supposed to live in it, for it is a living, breathing, and incredibly immersive world.

      If you want to just get to max level and get the best gear, this game isn’t for you, and if you dislike it for that reason then I can respect that. But don’t criticize GW2 for what it’s not supposed to do. And just for the record, there IS endgame content, as pointed out by the two users above me. Good day, sir.

    • You are totally right. Is sad to see GW2 fanboys coming here to defend something that is undefendable.
      Also the game was not always free to play, in fact they forget that most of the players bought it for 50 dollars when it launched.
      Third point. PvP is not endgame, learn to live with that guys.

      • PvP is not endgame? Dark Age of Camelot wants to have a word with you. PvE endgame sucks balls, why would I grind stupid AI enemies when I can freakin defend/capture castles and whole territories.

      • Yeah i bought it when the beta came out the first time. I played it for 8000 hours almost every day and yet i am not tired of it. And pvp IS endgame. It might surprise you but there are players playing only pvp for years. PvP might not be endgame for you, and that is fine, not all people like pvp, But that does not mean that PvP is not endgame content.

        Also don’t dismiss people with bs-talk trying to make it looks what it is not. I played the game since it came out and i payed for the game 3.5 years ago (and yes i have played other mmo with the holy trinity and really shitty pvp and gear grind so i know what to compare too. GW2 have endgame content for all.

    • Started it with a friend. We loved the crosshair but the quest design is so damn boring. We both quit after a few hours and are now regretting the long install time.

  17. I don’t get it, I don’t understand what is being judge, the games are all over the place, new games were on last place and near the top too, sometimes it seems it is considering their success in the f2p history, other times it seems to consider their state today

    ragnarok, Lineage 2, PWI, Runescape and Maplestory were not only on the back of the list, but behind defiance, you can even argue that ragnarok and Lineage 2 were not f2p at first, but the rest are iconic games, the ones that made f2p what they are, they should never be behind an unknown and good-but-nothing-special defiance… even now, a game like Maplestory or Runescape might be more popular or active or whatever this list is judging

    Hearthstone and GW2 beating the most successful f2p of all times? ok, GW2 is kinda fun, but not that good, even active players didn’t seem excited with the game and the expansion… the game is bland, it has a questionable f2p model (so questionable that the publishers didn’t call it f2p), it still uses its original hype to sell the game, it is not even near what League of Legends represents

    also, a game that is still controversial like SWTOR in front of Tera and TF2, that are 2 of the best f2p games and best f2p model we have

    I don’t know, this list seems more like what you guys enjoyed playing the most, which is fine
    (sorry for the english)

    • Coming from GW2, I can assure you that only the loud minority isn’t happy with what we got. The game has been refreshed in a great way, there are some tweaks and some rebalances needed, but over all, gw2 is not just a good but rather a wonderful online game, which offers both casuals and hard core players to have enough fun for several years.

      • I am hard core player and i see only sheet flying around even after i bought this game. It’s total sheet for everyone exept casual players.

        • Have u tried the new raid content? fractal? pvp league? If not then u shouldn’t be saying the game is only for casual players.

      • not saying it is a bad game, and not saying everyone think the game is boring… but I saw a lot of people that played for years bored when it went f2p, many came back because of the influx of players, but were not excited about the expansion

  18. Not that it is a bad card game, but Heartstone is TERRIBLE for begginers, which don’t have access to all the cards veterans players have, which demands either a lot of time and/or money to build, buy actual Magic, or Pokémon, or Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, besides it is worth mentioning that all these games have free to play online games.

    I agree with most of the top 10, even though it is sad to see Dota 2 always behind LoL, but that’s the reality and I must face it.

    • If this list is based on popularity then lol should be no.1, and dota a close second/third. But it’s apparently not, which makes it weird with random ranks given to games.

  19. I don’t like the concept, that a previously P2P/B2P MMO, which was converted to F2P takes the best game title for that year. Of course it comes with an insane content, since it has multiple years of development behind it. But still I find it an exaggeration. It was the same for LOTRO back then, and I loved that game, but no one mentioned it’s paywall, which hit after the first three areas were completed. But the rest of the list is pretty reasonate, I love that Warframe got to the first 10.


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