Stunlock Studios Celebrates 4th Anniversary Of Battlerite With Free All Champions Pack

Free mounts also available via Battlerite and V Rising Discords.

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Battlerite 4th Anniversary

Stunlock Studios might be doing its best to draw people to V Rising, but the developer hasn't forgotten its roots. It's still making Battlerite, which turns four years old early next week, and Stunlock is telling the story of Battlerite's history in today's blog piece, which is worth a read if you're a fan of the game, or its predecessor, Bloodline Champions.

(Less well-remembered than that game, though, was a little title called Dead Island: Epidemic, which I actually enjoyed for its co-op PvE zombie-slashing action. Sadly, that one never made it out of beta and was shut down in October 2015.)

To celebrate Battlerite's anniversary, Stunlock is giving out the All Champions Pack for Battlerite Arena for free. The giveaway will start on Sunday, November 7, and you'll also be able to pick up rare mounts on the Battlerite and V Rising Discords.

If you want to aim for the top, you can also find several Stunlock staff playing the game on Sunday, so if you play on that date, you might just topple a dev! Finally, we'll also be running a giveaway here at MMOBomb to coincide with the anniversary, so come back next week to pick up all the champions here!

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box 2 years ago
It's kind of nice that they haven't forgotten their older games but it's still kinda sad the game has been in maintenance mode for years.

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