Dawngate is a new MOBA from Waystone Games. In Dawngate players control Shapers, unique and powerful beings who have access to a variety of abilities and up to 3 additional spells players can choose from during the match. Dawngate retains many similarities to other MOBAs, but differentiates itself by having just two lanes, respawning towers, upgrading minions, and resource objectives called spirit wells which can generate extra income for your team. Players can also choose a role before the match begins which provides them extra currency based on their desired role objectives (support,jungler,assassin,brawler).

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  1. I want a key please I was dissapointed becouse LOL didnt made new maps and it becomes boring and all that noobs…. I want to try a new moba game and if i will like dawngate i will keep playing these games. SO PLEASE BRING TO ME A BETA KEY!!!

  2. Yet another money drain. Why do publishers even consider paying developers for games that will not even compete with other titles.

  3. Looks like an enhanced version of LoL, which is good (more variety). I will deffly try this if I can get a key 🙂 I loved the graphics (looks like Dota 2 but, meh every game looks like each other anyway :))

  4. Honestly the game does not look too bad , i play lol since the closed beta and i have to say that Dawnguard got some unique points wich might make it worth playing . Those pools there and all do look like a good idea . And Spunkify , sick move there what was that 3 Kills and the big one ?

    • yeah see?im with this guy-although I only played LOL from season 2(but I have 5 lvl 30 accts, and not because I was ever banned) and very little DOTA 1/2, but I like the 2 lane, more jungle, open space theme (that’s what it looks like from just the limited info I can see). plus most of the jungle looks like those rabid rabbits from the game I don’t remember….so style points! I wish I would’ve got into this beta and not the infi crisis one…..that game looks like garbage right now and I have played enough games to truly dislike it-but its beta so who knows, it may be awesome at some point. just plays and feels like it is really lame right now. but dawngate, at least, looks awesome, has a nice flow, and appears easy to understand for MOBA fans-a good combo!

  5. Really copied champs from League of Legends just look at that woman champ definetly like ahri and her orb + have something like ahri ult.

      • Pretty much this. No one bitches when League copies a feature from dota or a skill/concept from dota heros. But lord forbid someone copy a league concept or skill. >_>’ lol.

        • ok this is getting ridiculous-what level of originality are you expecting in a moba at this point? some quantum leap that will blow your mind like you are tripping balls?How about a game like this, that looks like it takes some of the best aspects of the other popular Mobas (w/e LOL,DOTA,even Heroes I guess) and just “poaches” them and puts it in one game? I really do not care 2 shits that there are champ apparent similarities- how many iterations of fighter/mage/assassin/weird troglodyte undead thing are you really expecting of ANY fantasy game?you could argue “hey lets try some different genre!” Well, if its done like DC INfi Crisis is so far, I say “so what?” It is all the same. I say, steal all the best elements from game X, and get it in one game that is balanced, rewards team play,looks awesome, games are close unless one team is just clearly “better”, w/e that means, and makes me think about strats and counter strats when I aint playing live. I know, a tall order! The only real innovation I can see in this genre would be some type of points system where you literally create your own champ-not like a runes or masteries page, I mean you are literally given some sort of point cap to work with that interacts with the ingame physics, and you DESIGN your own champ! like, “I wanta be able to pick up this turret!” ok, that’s an insane abilty, that’s 1k in points, so an extreme example, but you can let your imagination run wild-“I don’t want to play a set Caitlyn, Dragon Knight, w/e-I want to be in control of my champ even in his art design!” obv a lot of design problems with this concept right now, but I think this will be the next true leap in evolution for this format-you don’t just buy skins, or choose abilities/powers, you make them up yourself. of course I am sure this would be a programming nightmare, but MOBAs are here to stay, and id love to see them pushed to the maximum awesomeness (in my lifetime).

        • Agreed, they even copy HoN (and vice versa) but ti doesn’t really matter to me. Sometimes they have good innovative ideas and then it’s ok to remake them into your game. That’s at least my opinion.

          Check Chipper (One of the first original HoN heroes) and Rumble (from LoL)

          • You do realize… League came out an entire year before HoN did? It takes a while to make a game and it’s characters, so chances are Rumble was in the works before HoN even hit it’s second release date.

            You’re almost quite literally saying that “Everquest stole it’s ideas from WoW”.

  6. To be honest from what i see, looks better then what i thought is gonna be. Been very disappointed of Prime World, i hope Dawngate gonna be good.

  7. Ok i dont want to be a hater but another moba ? really ? Jesus just stop doing that crap, its 10 moba in last few months god dammit !

    • You do realize that Tryndamere wasn’t the first character to be a barbarian with a great-sword right? It’s almost impossible to create a character that doesn’t resemble another already created character and the fact that Lee Sin and Trynda and so many other characters in LoL are based of Tales and stories. In how many books is there a blind monk in them? MANY. How many barbarians wield Great-swords in Tales and Legends? MANY.

      This game has it similarities to LoL because it’s from the same genre, but to say it’s LoL is like saying GW2 is WoW and vice versa.

      //Experienced gamer

      • You got to be kidding me… DOTA ‘looks’ like League of Legends? Kid, let me tell know you something that you should know.

        Defense of the Ancients (DotA) a custom scenario for Warcraft 3 comes first before League of Legends. Riot Games attempted to break away from the genre being known as “Dota” by coining its own marketing term, “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” (MOBA).

        The common 3 x 3 lane that is ‘being used’ in most of these type of games, is known as Aeon of Strife, which originated from the real-time strategy game Starcraft. This map was first used by Defense of the Ancient and the mod ‘signature’ map.

        Most of League of Legends ‘champion concepts’ are from Defense of the Ancients. Riot just simply created the ‘skin’, ‘borrowed’ and put together the skills from different DotA heroes.

        DotA doesn’t looks like LoL. LoL looks like DotA.


        Riot Games is only allowed to use the map Aeon of Strife because Steve “Guinsoo” Feak, the former developer of the Warcraft 3 custom map Defense of the Ancients and some other developers who had worked on DotA are now working for Riot Games.

        • Amen! Btw, this game is shit atm, really hope they change it from being casual overlord MOBA with Farmville elements to a game where the Story and the “Competitive” (that does not exist atm) will be separated.

          Don’t play this if you’re into HoN/dota(mod&2), if you like smite/LoL/MNC/HoG give it a try. Also, if you like korean F2Ps (grinding for nothing) then you should also try this.

          P.s Yes, there are good korean games but most of them are grindfests to oblivion or P2Win.

          P.s.s The story is pretty fun in terms of a F2P but don’t mix it with Moba gameplay since that kind of ruins the flow of the story with farming minions VS. bots. The multiplayer could’ve been exchanged to bots aswell since no skills are required.
          //A very disappointed MOBA-player…

  8. Any more beta keys coming out? I signed up for one a few days ago. Please respond! I’m looking forward to get one

    • yeah I love LOL, but this has just some “clean” cool look or something-look at those jungle creeps come on! Is that a killer rabbit mutant? I wanta play just to check out that jungle which he barely went thru in this video! and plus it looks like there is more sneak zones and terrain/ward/ambush meta-gameplay. Is it weird to say it looks like a cross of Dotas more complex map with LOLs simpler learning curve-I wanta get in on this b4 others catch on that this is just cool and definitely has some new flavor-get those keys out please! And if u hate MOBAS, why the hell are you even looking at them on here? I hate rpgs and I have literally never looked at any content of them on here-use your short life span for something more satisfying people! but friend me on LOL if u have any thoughts on this game-same name….that said, I am not loving the Infinite Crisis so far-might just be the beta-ness, but it really looks shitty (and I have been playin it some, 10 games seemed like really grueling just to get a real feel for it) compared to this. This looks like it has some flavor.

      • Your sentences make 0 sense and you are responding to QuanZest….Was that an accident? Your incoherent ramblings have no relation to what he said.


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