RaiderZ is a free to play 3D Monster-hunting MMORPG. Players will have direct control over their characters and progress during battle versus the traditional “point-and-click” gameplay style. Players can look forward to battling and hunting a myriad of huge monsters that require strategy, skill, and in most cases teamwork.

To find more about RaiderZ check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. This game looks really good, cannot wait. I hope ya’ll hand out Beta Key’s for this game. CAN’T WAIT! 😀

  2. I was wondering if RaiderZ you may also have an open beta and when?
    possible or if new keys for the closed beta.
    Thank you. lol in English and better! =D

  3. Eu queria saber se o RaiderZ podera ter um beta aberto e quando?
    ou se possivel novas chaves para o beta fechado.

    • “your typical tab target.. and uh dont stand in the green shit” i failed to evade that one, gotta change my shirt now.

  4. I got into the alpha test a few months ago. The combat was fun but much slower if you’re used to Vindictus or C9. Unfortunately the game still uses the same 15 Bear Asses quest system that plague mmo’s in general. This wouldn’t be so bad except the game also uses the same stupid as bricks enemies that never leave their little camp.

    The boss mobs are fun but with them in an open world tends to reduce these bosses to zerg fests.

    The cross-class system has possibilities however, which is always nice.

    All in all I still prefer the instanced levels of C9 and Vindictus as the game can appropriately tune difficulty when the number of players is a known quantity. RaiderZ could be fun and if they actually have more difficult instanced dungeons later on(the early ones encountered were total jokes, a few mobs and something boss’ish), then the game really would be fantastic.

  5. And the ship really does look awesome. I love how it first appears to the player, it the distance behind the trees like that. It really makes the player run to it with glee to explore it. Me thinks.

    Details like that makes the world look like it was designed by a designer, and not a bandwidth expert.

  6. I love how this combat looks. I do not like point-and-click combat and i do not like twitch combat (twitch as in a reflex movement, not Twitch as in poison spitting ganker rat… Bazinga!) So this really looks like right at my alley but i doubt that combat alone can carry a game.

    The fact that the combat is the ONLY thing they have changed tells me that this game is not a product of someones vision. There was no creative freedom given here, no originality let loose, which in the end, is what i really wanted to see. Not just the ability to dodge an attack.

    This game is a product of a very mathematical marketing decision which is looking to fill an ever-increasing marketing gap. A gap that really needs to be filled, but still…

    But i’m still gonna play it of course… so LOL@Monkee and hes principles

  7. Nice!!!!!!
    I really like the way the first look presentator chooses his words. Normally i’m bored after 10 mins of watching a youtube clip. But on the first looks of mmobomb, i’m thrilled. But would there be a beta key giveaway for this game? Because i asked in the forums for any action mmo openworld. And now i really want to try this game to see if this would suit my needs.

    • Thank you for the compliment! No word on a beta key giveaway yet, but I would imagine there will be some since it is PWE and they normally do that typs of promotion.


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