Top 10 Free MOBA Games to Play in 2012

MOBA games are all the rage nowadays, with League of Legends causing an uproar in the free-to-play segment. The genre is gaining more and more fans each day and several studios are betting on it, with more games trying to claim their share of players. We chose the hottest Top 10 free MOBA Games to Play in 2012!

10. SmashMuck Champions (In closed beta)

Published by Kiz Studios and still in closed beta, SmashMuck Champions begins a look at MOBA games. Currently, there are 16 zany champions for players to lead into battle, each a little bit more psychotic and strange than the last. The game runs like any other MOBA but it approaches the genre at a bit of an angle by providing a series of different game modes from capture the flag, control points, and resource war alongside the standard tower-defense style.

As what might become a claim to fame is the interesting style that SmashMuck intend to bring to the playing field.

Play Now: SmashMuck Champions

9. Avalon Heroes

Huge monsters stomping down lanes like giants and colorful spells splashing across the battlefield like fireworks rings in the colorful MOBA extravaganza that is Avalon Heroes by Alaplaya. It’s an all-out fantasy game that provides a fast-paced arena action with a great deal of spirit. In order to promote the game and the foundation behind it, Alaplaya holds eSports championships and even has veteran teams who take their heroes on the road in grand tournaments with their reputations on the line.

With a set of different modes, players can go head-to-head head in the Battle mode, fight against a legendary monster in Arena mode, or co-op with up to eight friends in Adventure mode to take on boss monsters.

Play Now: Avalon Heroes

8. LOCO: Land of Chaos Online

Alaplaya sets themselves a eighth place with an extremely unique offering to the MOBA genre with a game that combines a third-person shooter aspect instead of the click-to-move approach. As an arena game Land of Chaos Online has the looks of an Asian-themed fantasy setting and some pretty fair graphics to boot. In order to keep the battles flowing, players can take three champions onto the firing range, this makes it possible to switch in and out when waiting to respawn after dying. Players receive ten talents for all their heroes; but can only bring five talents with them to the battlefield.

There are two game modes, one of which is the standard DotA, lane-pushing, tower defense and the second one is a battle royale of no-holds-barred fight to the death between multiple opponents.

Play Now: Land of Chaos Online

7. Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

The fantasy world of Warhammer is probably best known to tabletop RPG players but it extends nicely to the online gaming market because it contains every fantasy fiction trope to ever grace the pages of a genre novel. Bioware Mythic Studio developed this game with that as a foundation and distilled down many of the elements of MOBA and DoTA-style games but then came away with something slightly different.

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes adds a 6x6x6 (three-way) PvP game style that isn’t seen in other MOBAs and gives it an interestingly unique quality amid its brethren. It includes elements such as allowing players to change hero before the next spawn (allowing teams to change their loadout and tactics mid-game) and a mastery point system that adds experience not to individual characters but to players. It also provides the usual game play modes such as all-out PvP, capture-the-flag, and another variation on capture-the-flag that involves picking up resources (runes) and running them home.

Play Now: Wrath of Heroes

6. Rise of Immortals

Petroglyph Games developed and published this MOBA title and snagged distribution on Steam. Heavily inspired by the DoTA model, Rise of Immortals provides both PvE and PvP styles to allow players to find all the competition and gameplay that they need. RoI takes the character-based leveling model and eschews account-leveling, meaning that players can focus on one hero (or “immortal”) and bring them up personally through the ranks with an extremely complex character trait system.

Like a few other MOBA games on the market, Rise of Immortals features a social region that allows players to bring out their avatars and show off their rankings and their enhancements in an avatar-chat setting. Both PvP and PvE game types model themselves off DoTA and involve mutli-lane maps, towers, minions, inhibitors, and gameplay that anyone who plays a MOBA will know well.

Play Now: Rise of Immortals

5. SMITE (In closed beta)

Hi-Rez Studios (also known for their shooters Tribes Ascend and Global Agenda) is getting into the MOBA market with their soon-to-be-released SMITE. According to the developers, the game is heavily based on the DoTA-styled gameplay and leverages the advantages of the Unreal 3 engine to produce beautiful graphics and provide a fast-paced, blazing-glory MOBA game for the players.

The game will have a strongly mythology based presentation and looking at many of the characters there’s representations from Greek, Hindu, Northern European, and Western folklore. The Unreal 3 graphics engine makes every video from this game a beautiful sight to behold and demonstrates the game as an in-close-and-personal into-the-fray style of fighting (where many MOBAs play best zoomed out and seeing the map.)

Play Now: SMITE

4. Super Monday Night Combat (In closed beta)

One Monday Night Combat wasn’t enough, so Uber Entertainment saw fit to produce a free-to-play MOBA version in this incarnation as Super Monday Night Combat (Super MNC). As a sort of combination of third-person-shooter with battle arena, MNC hearkens back to the concept of to-the-death gladiatorial combat sport, fought by clones for the love and adulation of bloodthirsty television watchers of the future. Players are thrust into a class-based arena battle and pressed to fight for cash, fame, and endorsements.

While it’s class based (and there will be six classes available) there’s also a feature that allows players to unlock their own set of upgradable skills, providing essentially a custom class. However, most players will probably fit well with the six pre-existing classes.

The game is available across both Steam and Xbox LIVE Arcade and brings with it a lot of nostalgia about the original Monday Night Combat. Science fiction movies and games about bloodthirsty future-based gladiatorial combat have been played out in numerous times but as usual MNC takes the cake with a particular brand of brutality combined with the ring of the bell and brutally intense combat.

Play Now: Super MNC

3. Bloodline Champions

This MOBA comes to us with a series of accolades, developed by Sweden-based Stunlock Studios and published by Funcom, Bloodline Champions made "Game of the Year" and "Winner XNA" in the 2009 Swedish Game Awards and eventually released in North America in 2011. There are three game modes fought between two factions of up to five players each: team deathmatch arena game, a capture-the-flag game called “Capture the Artifact,” and a map control point game called “Conquest.”

Being a class-based MOBA there are four archetypical champions who provide melee attack, ranged attack, healing/support, and tank defense. Amid these there are 25 bloodlines with six champions in each category. Each bloodline provides a set of abilities and this benefits from the skill and choice of the player. Once a champion goes down, they stay down until the end of the round.

Play Now: Bloodline Champions

2. Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth is developed and published by S2 Games and it has seen a lot of critical acclaim and a great deal of popularity. As a MOBA it reached over 100,000 concurrent players as of March 2012, and it has seen over 12.3 million downloads. As a game, HoN started out buy-to-play but turned into a proper free-to-play online game as of July 2011. It has all the elements necessary to be a high contender in the MOBA market, with over 101 heroes, a DOTA style of gameplay, and a vast player base to meet on the battlefield.

This MOBA runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux making it a highly accessible game. It’s touted as a science-fantasy archetype due to the immense array of heroes available for play. Many of them also have skins and alternate looks that can be bought via microtransactions. Like the usual DOTA it has a few maps which players can test their might against one another.

Play Now: Heroes of Newerth

1. League of Legends

As the undisputed king of the MOBA market, League of Legends by Riot Games stalks the dark jungles of the online gaming community with pride. Since it’s open beta in October 2009 (which it remained as such until it transitioned into full release) it has received accolades and adulation from a multitude of players. In 2011, LoL received a Golden Joystick Award for Best Free-to-Play Game; in 2010 the 1st Game Developers Online Choice Awards Audience Award from Gamastutra (among many); and an award from IGN and Gamespy in 2009.

Cutting a chip right off the old block of DoTA, League of Legends is still today the MOBA to beat for any contender looking for the top of the market. LoL uses a microtransactions freemium model to draw in users who want access to the champion of their choice and to customize their look. This choice has seen Riot Games a lot of favor and done them extremely well.

League of Legends boasts lots of champions to choose from, multiple game modes, and a familiar DoTA game style and maps. As an online game they have also gotten into the eSports arena with ladder rankings, providing a chance for excellent players to complete in “$100,000 Global Finals” at the end of each season. They participated in the 2010 World Cyber Games in Los Angeles and the Dreamhack World Championships in 2011. Further future tournaments are planned.

Play Now: League of Legends

Like any emerging genre, MOBA games are still finding their stride. Looking at the bold array sighted above, the fierce competition near the top of the charts, and the introduction of yet new games, we can probably safely say that 2012 will see a lot of development.

We hope you enjoy our Top 10 free MOBA Games to Play in 2012 and don't forget to share your own top MOBA Games with us!

*This page will be updated from time to time so don´t forget to share your top 10!

By Kyt Dotson

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Discussion (224)

ZankOu75 9 years ago
Seriously, Heroes Of Newerth is really the best MOBA ever.
I can't believe there are so much people playing LoL, those people are only looking for casual play, i don't get it.
But hey, what ever, people have differents tastes...

Dhishant 9 years ago
Lol sucks, clearly none of u have ever played DOTA 2 it is,the beast and most popular MOBA game and DOTA2 tournaments have the biggest prize pool of any game

Geni 10 years ago
Howdy! I could have sworn I've been to this site before
but after browsing through some of the post I realized it's new to me.
Anyhow, I'm definitely glad I found it and I'll be
book-marking and checking back frequently!

my web page

Blizzard Warrior 10 years ago
the original "DOtA" was on starcraft 1 UMS and it was called Dynasty Warriors... not kidding tho..

Procrastinate 10 years ago
LoL has been rated the game of the century by two different game rating organisations, and was recently awarded game of the year for the second year running. It has over 10 nominations already for next years awards and outmatches all other MOBA games to date. DOTA 2 is an initial copy of LoL as it was originally produced by the same design company as LoL however did not have a large enough fan base and so they adapted it in different ways. In general LoL is the best MOBA game available and there's no point disputing it because it has more than triple the fan base of DOTA and even more than 10 times the fan base of LOCO. Also LoL are also expanding out into other forms of media, such as their new cut scene which attained over 100 million views in the first month of being released. This shows the extent of LoL's fan base compared to others. Lastly with over 120 champions and more being released each month, LoL is the no.1 fastest growing FREE! online game and so it will always be better and more advanced than the other so called MOBA's in its genre.
If you haven't played LoL as of now, I highly recommend it as it is completely free and more advanced than a fully paid for game.

View 1 reply
Eduardo Rubens 10 years ago
DOTA 2 is missing!!!

View 1 reply
kofi 10 years ago
maybe because i dont like people or all of the references, but i'll wait forever for demigod 2. that game was gorgeous and wasn't bloated with tons of characters. not wacky looking and has no place even being discussed here because it was something you purchased, unless of course you didn't but still. i think if that game was handled right it'd still be supported today.

but like i said
no place being here; not free
game was gorgeous, few characters
i'll wait forever

10 years ago
I have a willing analytical eyesight pertaining to details
and can foresee complications before they occur.

chad 10 years ago
hahaha you kids crack me up. I like to call dota players Dota Dick riders, they love deep throating blizzard, and spending thousands of dollars on graphics cards just to run the graphics on halfway. I run a mac and league runs perfect on it no issues, Steam is garbage, that shit crashes more then Lindsay Lohan.Lets get real, dota players are mad cause league is shitting all over em.

View 1 reply
kikoo 10 years ago

awfa 10 years ago
dota 2 is better than lol

Redinhio 10 years ago
Hi all.
I play Lol a long time ago, i tried Hon Super M , Smite, Dota2 and Wot...(not Loco, maybe my pc crash with that rubbish) and i want thank u all the opinions that i have read cause i can secure that everybody that came to flame (I except smart post and people with sense) may start to think about this things

- I play for entertainment, i work and if i have 1 hour to play i want to play for that, for RELAX(and that takes me to second point)
- A carpenteer have skill, a bus driver have skill....not a pc gamer eating chips at home, and not being skilled on a game its better that being it cause it means that u have life and friends (omg that takes me to 3rd point)
-I dont have to defend with life any game, just the one that gives me that moments of entertaiment, today Lol , tomorrow Hon.... cause no ones will work for me, or educate my daughter or give me money...(4rd point here we go)
- Think about being the players or the muppets of the company that programed the game, they do it for the same that i work, for money to live, and I´m seeing flamers not only wasting money(if u want a skin obviusly pay it, its ur money, it isnt wrong), but wasting time defending a game that doesnt give them any bennefit.... mind mature please

Its not what is best, its what u like to play, what entertain 3 years old daughter have a lot of toys and is the happiest girl i ever seen playing just with a plastic kitchen...and it doesnt means that is better or worse than a doll or a ball its just ...different.

Kunwar2 11 years ago
I haven't play any of the other moba games BUT LEAGUE OF LEGENDS IS AWESOME!!!

btw it gets addicting

LOL 4EVA 11 years ago
LOL is the best of them all trust me i have played every single 1 and LOL comes out on top by a massive margin and dota i agree was out 1st but LOL is by far better and you can't be weak when we are talking about computers dumbfu**

View 1 reply
BOSS-Pliauskis 11 years ago
I hate when idiots write "Games Like League of Legends", "Games similar to League of Legends" , because it must be written Games Like Dota , cuz LOL is Dota clone not vice versa.
But this mindf*****g list of dota clones is total nonsence how there are no dota at all this list sucks.
and one more thing LOL is for weak.

View 1 reply
Shamen 11 years ago
HON IS THE BEST HAME EVER lol sucks like ma balls you shiti asses

Papoy 11 years ago
Oh my God! Can't beleve that you guys are fighting between yourselfs... Those games are diffrent so everybody loves diffrent. Exemple, i rly like lol it's simple to learn to play, colors are great lots of skins storries and allways some new champ come out,... but someone likes HoN, Smite, LoCo.... There is no reason for quarrel. Smite is also very god (my 2sc choise) you can see all magics rly close and the exp is very coooool!!!! HoN is petty hard to learn and i could never do it right so i stopped but i'll try it again cuz i see new patch. Dota2 is new and i realy want to try it. I hope i'm clear and if someone think i'm idiot cuz i like those games than he's on drugs and a little more retarded.

Hehe 11 years ago
RIP Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes soon.

You will not be missed.

Sir.Lolipop 11 years ago
.. Guys.. Just play Pokemon..

Hardharduuu 11 years ago
why do u not like avalon heroes??? its awesome game simple to understand... there isnt much darkness in the screen(well in some maps).... n there's a certain map called "crossroad of death" which is really awesome n simple n thrilling(to fight others) u stay close.... this was challenging... but they retired on feb 8th :',(

Lol 11 years ago
Only LoL needs to be defended.

Sandz 11 years ago
People saying that DOTA 2 isn't free-to-play really need to do their homework. DOTA 2 is only 99.99$ as a part of a PACK with OTHER GAMES. As soon as they release it, it will be free to play, you just can't get in early without either buying an invite/key, or signing up to get one free. Besides, the invites are coming in large waves now, so there's really no reason to pay.

View 1 reply
kgin 11 years ago
I like Loco(old version not evo) it brought class something that LoL or dota 2 didn't because they will always have that same feeling to a regular dota game. Loco brought a whole different apparence and multiple character swap during a match so its pretty much having a team of 3 during a match, which i though was interesting. It also had three types of I don't like how like in LoL there are runes and in Loco you could upgrade or armor or w.e which makes games so unbalanced. I feel sad now because i wanted to get back into Loco but it seems like they are shutting down("server maintenance" that lasted two weeks and a half and still going) It was the only moba i liked playing and I'm not trying to be biased because i played Loco,LoL, and dota 2. I admit i wasn't that good, but these moba games need to try be more creative than other original because all i see is the same games. i might as well play the first dota.

TheGuyWhoRuinsTheChat 11 years ago
They're all good games. They have bad qualities and good qualities. I myself enjoy playing LoL. Why can't we all have peace :<

vikram 11 years ago
need game

eGamingRazor 11 years ago
OMG LoL is the best game!!! Im sher that you are noob!!!

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abassy 11 years ago
LoL is easier to learn and has more players, but when you learn how to play HoN it's much better because it's much more dynamic and balanced (no f**king runes). And if you're now going to flame I played LoL before I played HoN and I found HoN better, but it's just my opinion.

Andranik 11 years ago
DotA 2 is the best!!!

Zag 11 years ago
Where is dota the mod for war3 ??

DOTAFAN 11 years ago
DotA 2 incomming! and she wants all the glory back!

leauge of yordles 11 years ago
Y isent leauge up at first???!!

moba winner 11 years ago
you all are noobs
the first moba was from starcraft, a custom map:
dota 1 was the second and the most skilled and competitive game ever
some developers of dota1 made their own game "LoL"
dota 2 released by valve making the same game but with a lot more features

HoN a BAD copy of dota 1 can't believe that shit
WORST GAMEPLAY and i can keep saying a lot of things but i don't want to
the others don't exist. such bad games (super mnc sucks)

all of them free to play

View 1 reply
Panicswitch 11 years ago
I like smite the most because it's unique
It introduces a different perspective of play (first person)
Its new person friendly (recommended items and skills done for you is very significant to newbies)
The recommended item build is actually accurate (but there's always going to be variations)

VxVR 11 years ago
Just wait until DotA 2 is released, it has already taken poor LoL's place in WCG and it'll take its the 1st place which it deserves =) oh yeah and butthurt LoL geeks its free to play cuz its in beta.

Squall 11 years ago
Where is Dota 2 :o ... LoL is a piece of shit ... 1st place must be given to Dota 2 u__u

View 1 reply
Don 11 years ago
Dota 2 ftw. Lol is the most noob friendly moba tho

WeedBreed 11 years ago
WTF!!!!! Dota 2 isn't free to play. 89.99 $ isn't mean that is a free to play

LOL is free to play. You create an account and you can play, but Dota You need to buy the game first, then you can play (after patches...).

Flipjig 11 years ago
Smite <3

ubertech 11 years ago
dota 2 should be up here

danny 11 years ago
that are not real good games

Mystika 11 years ago
Heh, as soon as I saw League of Legends in the first line of this article, I could tell LoL would be number 1.

bluemew16 11 years ago
All these games are good in their own way. I hate it when people bash another game saying (low skill needed) or (bad graphics) or (different) like really... try each game first then talk... I havent played all of them so I cant say anything and wont say anything to offend one of the games. Each are good and bad in their own way, just like people. Saying you hate a guy when you don;t even know him is like hating err SMNC or smashmuck or some other game without trying it.

quino 11 years ago
this MOBA games have become something similar yet different from one another. Everyone will have a favorite.. soon it will be like a comparison of Mario and Sonic.. Some people like the plumber, other like the hedgehog, thats how i see it.

blind_sided 11 years ago
LoL is number one, well that's no surprise. For a game that's as shitty and unbalanced as it is, it's just that popular. It's going to be interesting when Dota 2 comes out officially but in all honesty I don't see dota 2 beating LoL for only one reason. The learning curve for dota 2 is pretty steep AND you really are seriously punished for simple mistakes. I think that because dota 2 is a more difficult game to grasp properly, people will not take to it all that well. LoL takes some skill (depending on the champion you pick of course) but because they have plenty of champs with shitty champ balance behind quite a few, it's not that hard of a game AT ALL. The bottom line is LoL= Since I dont feel like paying too hard today let's pick an OP champ and NO I'm not naming the top 15 you see in just about EVERY GAME. Dota 2= This game is TOO hard....back to LoL. We live in lazy times but that's just the ay it is.

View 2 replies
Jeco0357 11 years ago

Skyforger 11 years ago
Wow, all these clueless noobs... DotA/Dota 2 > all. Deal with it.

View 1 reply
SmilingBandit 11 years ago
To all that says Dota 2 is copy of HoN/LoL - get your facts right. Dota 2 is reboot of Dota, first of which was custom made map for Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, even before Frozen Throne and Dota Allstars. All games after Dota, and that includes LoL and HoN mostly, were in fact copies of Dota, that in time deviated enough to be recognizable and have their own dedicated base of fans. So fanboys, chill out there.

View 2 replies
lal 11 years ago
smite FTW!

temeL 12 years ago
dota like free games
1- Dota 2 (AoS)
2- Heroes of Newerth (AoS)
3- League of Legends (AoS)
4- Bloodline Champions (PVP Arena)
5- Avalon Heroes (AoS)
6- Realm of Titans (AoS)
7- SmashMuck Champions (PVP Arena)
8- Rise of Immortals (AoS)

WASD control MoBA/AoS free games
1- SMITE (AoS)
2- LOCO: Land of Chaos Online (AoS)
3- Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes (AoS)
4- Super Monday Night Combat (AoS,Shooter)

And my "number 1" dota like game since a week is "BattleForge".It is more like RTS but i get full taste of dota

View 1 reply
Fanarh 12 years ago
league of legends en numero uno huehuehuehue

TheOne 12 years ago
Smashmuck should be much higher, it looks and plays really well for closed beta. But it sets itself apart from the rest on this list via the look of the environments and characters, which I think is a strong point for them.

NguyenLegends 12 years ago
HoN should be in 1ST place. The client system is so much better then that of LoL's. And about the player-base differences from HoN to LoL is because HoN is much harsher and harder to grasp then LoL. You even need a decent PC and GPU to play HoN with decent graphics and HoN doesn't scale very well with low in PCs like LoL. So you can see who will have a larger player-base just from the skill/learning curve and system compatibly.

HoN = Sparta
LoL = Rome

View 3 replies
Bencuska 12 years ago
Super monday night combat is the best MOBA game

Djimmie 12 years ago
Am I the only one that played dota/dota clones before LoL? More than me that think the name moba is retarded?

View 1 reply
kontoloyo 12 years ago
well, this list is so objective..
Yall must admit that LOL is better than the others,
lol always update monthly, no space for bugs, cheat and Over Powered hero.. They always fix it..
And the coolest thing is you can change your champions' skins if you can afford it.
And when you play the game, you'll meet only those who are match with your level, you cant meet lv.1 player if you r 30. Its cool. Isn't it?

View 1 reply
mevip 12 years ago
i`m surprised lol is in the first place ... should be AT LEAST after hon ...

DAFAQ?! 12 years ago
not sure if drunk dumb...
or HoN looks just like savage 2 from the commander view...

View 1 reply
mtlite 12 years ago
Valve just announced Dota 2 being F2P, it would be on top of my list.

Flevalt 12 years ago
I want to warn you guys. Don't play LOCO if you want to play F2P!
I've kept track of it since Beta and the game is P2W.

poopa 12 years ago
hay (LifelessMe)
Why do not you love League of Legends It's one of the best games I've played for

SteamChaos 12 years ago
One, two, five, and six, or the only MOBA on that list I feel have any depth too them rather then just run in button mash or just sit idle..

Trenix 12 years ago
I like the list, but the ordering is all wrong. Smashmuck is a damn good game and should be far from last place when compared to many of those disgraceful games.

View 1 reply
Me 12 years ago
Only SMITE and Super MNC is worth trying out on that list.

View 2 replies
OMG 12 years ago
Bloodline Champions forevah!

dasas 12 years ago
i don't like LOL because: many team-mates afk/leave, few maps, OP champions, no balance, same units. my nr. 1 is WO:WOH

View 2 replies
SkaterFreak 12 years ago
The only thing i dont like about LoL is that if you exit out of a game so many times you get banned for 1+ days, which doesnt work well for me with my unpredictable schedule

View 1 reply
kkkk 12 years ago
Its like this... DoTA2 isn't a MOBA like LoL because DoTA2 is DoTA, just DoTA, nothing else, not labeled as some lame copypastas :D

View 2 replies
ThcMonkee 12 years ago
Being as objective as i possibly can here, who ever manages to keep a straight face while saying that LOCO is better then any of the top three listed games on this list, will forever remain as something to be pointed at and laughed at. Much like they handle smokers, airports should keep special glass rooms for those kind of people. So when they feel like expressing their opinion, normal people would not be contaminated.

This was a public service announcement.

View 2 replies
omg 12 years ago
nah you are just a bad player(call name to there teammates ) or a ragequit so ofc you are baned .
playing lol since beta and have over 3000games i never got baned :)

Giveher Thedick 12 years ago
DoTA 2 is F2P too!
While League of Legends ha been getting a steady decline in quality champs, and the community is going to crap, DoTA 2 is gonna overtake the genre. C'mon now.

View 3 replies
cacalips 12 years ago
I give A bomb to this selection. 1.) LOL, abusive ban button every noob uses. The forums are rigged for marketing and self help. Any time you ask "Why was I banned?" or "Did you notice this feature that doesnt work. THEY ban you. So banned from crap community or official community and for what? a crap looking fail cartoon fail game. no thanks.

MOBA is like the poker of mmorpgs. It shouldd all be a minigame within WoW. And I hate wow LOL!

View 2 replies
fhpp 12 years ago
Agree with LoL #1. Clean game/system, and they do their best to keep the game always balanced, with new things always comming up. \O

yourealy mean this 12 years ago
Do you realy mean this this is bullshit these games.(srry for my bad languege)

FeRR1S 12 years ago
League of Legends dont have rivals !

View 1 reply
Warofhelll 12 years ago
nice top 10 game owwwww yeaaaa keep it up

xoboo 12 years ago
dota 2 = hon that's it..

View 1 reply
purewitz 12 years ago
Super MNC, LOCO, Wrath of Heroes, and Smite all look like the best of the list. Rest all look like crap, especial the camera angles. Its 2012 out there people, were not in the '90s anymore. So lets keep the isometric camera angles in the past. Their old and outdated.

View 3 replies
WantMyIceCream? 12 years ago
Why the hell SmashMuck here? That game is sooo unbalanced and boring

View 1 reply
Leman 12 years ago
Lol should have more maps and more game modes, just like LOCO: Colosseum , death match, capture the flag. Riot makes Lol as simple as possible that's not good people need an entertainment.

View 4 replies
Taianto 12 years ago
Dota 2 should be number 3

View 1 reply
Noob 12 years ago
You guys forgot Dota 2.

View 1 reply
JFKisJack 12 years ago
I think Super MNC should have been even higher I mean it like the only MOBA game that isn't top-down in a fanticy setting

View 1 reply
awwe 12 years ago
loco is cool

iBonZo 12 years ago
Dota2 isn't a Moba...LoL first epic fail

View 5 replies
iBelg 12 years ago
Seems a legit list.

BlackLight5 12 years ago
League Of Legends 4EvA

View 2 replies

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