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Title: Rise of Immortals
Status: Shutdown
Genre: Moba | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: ? GB
Publisher: Petroglyph Games
Developer: Petroglyph Games
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Player versus Player maps from 1v1 up to 5v5 multiplayer
12 unique Immortals at launch with additional characters released monthly
Character-based progression through a diverse skill tree

Rise of Immortals is a 3D free-to-play MMO Game that features the popular action-strategy gameplay of traditional MOBA games, but adds enhanced socialization features, along with persistent character progression – a first for the MOBA genre. Rise of Immortals is set in the world of Graxia, 300 years after the events of “Guardians of Graxia,” Petroglyph’s fantasy-based PC game released last year.

Instead of an account- based leveling system, players can advance their Immortals through a diverse, persistent skill tree, customizing and upgrading the characters to unlock unique abilities that persist from match to match. In addition, Rise of Immortals features a social hub where players can show off their enhanced Immortals, chat, emote, browse leaderboards, shop, manage friend and guild lists and more. Players also have the option of taking their Immortals through cooperative Player versus Environment (PvE) scenarios to learn the game, try out new abilities, and earn persistent experience before jumping into Player versus Player (PvP) matches online.

Players can purchase items via the in-game store to further enhance their Immortals, including new Immortal skins and consumable items like in-game boosters and elixirs. Petroglyph plans to release new content on a regular basis, including additional Immortals, arenas, skins, sound packs, and more.

Rise of Immortals system requirements:

OS: ?
RAM: ? GB | HDD: ? GB free space
CPU: ?
Graphics Card: ?
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  1. I played this game for 6 month. Generally i don’t waste that much time on this kinda games but Roi is good one. You could have mostly enjoyable matches with other players. Chars are good. You should try Azcadelia or Karapys in this game. Just because it’s similiar with LOL don’t think it doesn’t have unique sides.

    Anyway. If you want try something new and good or bored from LOL-HON try Roi.

  2. I enjoyed iaomrtmls for what it was. I liked it for the action, and for the visual appeal. The lead actor did a pretty good job with what he had to work with, but I felt that the story just didn’t come together like I was hoping. But the movie ended up being just what I expected.I went in to the movie expecting to see some good action scenes. After seeing the trailer around ten times or more I knew I would enjoy the action, the slow motion sequences and the visual style in general. My friend told me that the lead actor was actually the boy in the count of monte cristo with jim caviezel. I found that bit of trivia interesting.I thought mickey rourke did well in his portrayal as the bad guy but I must admit there wasn’t a lot of depth to him(not mickey rourke’s fault). He played the ruthless tough bad guy pretty good I thought, with plenty of grunts and gruesome acts. So the build up to his show down with theseyus was pretty fun to watch. But for much of the movie he’s sitting around trying to extract information from people or giving orders to underlings.Now the gods from olympus I found very interesting. They have special powers of course and look down on events from mount olympus. In my opinion if the movie focused on the gods and their interventionb4a into human affairs it would make for a much more interesting movie. Especially considering how zeus responds to certain actions that made by others in this movie.In my opinion if you want to see some pretty cool looking action sequences, especially during the end then go see this movie. But be warned this is not an epic war movie in the vain of 300, troy or even something like kingdom of heaven. This movie will slow down, sometimes agonizingly slow. But if you like seeing movies with greek mythology(or greek mythology like elements) than you will probably enjoy this movie.Hopefully someone will come along and build off of the things that iaomrtmls and clash of the titans does right, then we will truly be in for something special.

        • Actually there is a Movie called “Rise of the immortals” and it appears as though he decided to post a review before first looking at the content of this page. if he had done so he would have realised that they are completely unrelated in every way except name.


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