WildStar on Steam or Landmark: Which MMO Launch Makes You The Saddest?

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor

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Think back, if you will, all the way to early 2014. On a late January evening, EverQuest Next: Landmark (as it was called then) opened its doors for the first time. Just before the servers went live, Dave Georgeson tweeted out the image of a counter that showed the number of live players -- which was naturally at zero -- calling it a screen he could "never show again."

Today, Landmark officially launches. It's no longer free-to-play, but you didn't buy one of the exorbitant Founder's Packs, you can get it for the low, low price of $10. I'd love to see that counter now.

At about the same time, WildStar hype was in full swing. Interest was sky-high, and prospective players were pumped for a new MMO from a new studio that seemed like a breath of fresh air in a crowded, stale MMO marketplace. About four months later, the game launched to great fanfare, was still doing a few months after launch, and then...

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Yesterday, it launched on Steam. Sure, that could revitalize the game and give it a new life, but after everything it's been through and all the other "[Change X] will revive it for sure!" statements, it's hard to be optimistic.

So, my question for you, is: Which game "launch" makes you the saddest? Is it Landmark, with its promise of a greater future in the form of EverQuest Next? Or is it WildStar, full of hope and promise, quickly snuffed out by poor implementation and a mass exodus of players?

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Neither game lived up to its potential and, just two years after we got our first tastes, it seems like the odds are stacked against either one seeing its third birthday. We wouldn't mind being wrong, but it's hard to be optimistic, after so many broken promises and shattered dreams.

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Jason Winter, News Editor

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Discussion (9)

cylentstorm 7 years ago
I say Landmark, because really--what's the point? EQ Next was cancelled in March.

Wildstar... Well, let's just say that it was a good effort--which is far more than one can say about 90% of its competition. Countless technical issues aside, Carbine's baby definitely has heart--but the typical tedious grind of the me-too MMO mechanics at its core seem bubble up to the vibrant surface far too quickly. Too bad.

Chaos 7 years ago
If you are here because you are interested in learning something about wildstar stop reading this trash go download the game and try it for your self make your own opinion

dont be dumb 7 years ago
Wildstar was fun, these kids either didnt play it or gave up in ten minutes. The pvp was great, only needed a couple class balance tweaks. Housing was nice. Story was ok. I think it is better than landmark. I hope it brings some traffic to Wildstar going on Steam. It is fun I promise.

voydd 7 years ago
Wildstar's housing system on it's own is well worth trying this game and give it a month at least.

trionishsit 7 years ago
Its dead because no one like scammers, its not a free to play game, there is locked pay to play stuff!

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trionishsit 7 years ago
Dead game, waste of time and cash, soon going down!

Jafarson 7 years ago
"look all the fks i give" - Pocahontas

Curst 7 years ago
With WildStar there's still hope that it might at least stay afloat for a time thanks to steam release. I may not find this game fun enough for me to keep playing, but other people may. Steam doesn't have a huge selection of decent free MMORPGs, so there's at least a small chance for this game.
Landmark though... There's no hope here. No chance for a happy ending. Only broken promises and ghosts of dead dreams about a game that was proclaimed "not fun enough" by its own developers 2 years in. Seeing it "released" as it is in form of an independent game when it was supposed to be just a temporary tool to help the devs make EverQuest Next... it's not just sad, it's depressing.

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