LawBreakers’ Cliffy B: “Pre-Orders Bad, Early Access Good”?

LawBreakers looks neat, and I’ll certainly want to check it out when it goes live. And it’s good that its creators, Boss Key Productions, and…


Rolling a New Character – Guild Wars 2 BombLive

With the news of free to play being made available for Guild Wars 2, it’s time to jump in and roll a new character and…


Trion Worlds Announces New Game: Atlas Reactor

Not content to sit on Trove for a while, Trion Worlds has already announced their next free to play release. Atlas Reactor is a tactical,…

Guild Wars 2 Royal Guard thumb

Guild Wars 2 Free-To-Play Confirmed At PAX

It was leaked a few days ago, but now we’ve got official confirmation: The core Guild Wars 2 game is now free-to-play. ArenaNet President Mike…

Devilian thumb

Devilian Founders Packs Announced, Alpha Scheduled To Start Sept. 3

Trion Worlds isn’t wasting any time getting players into Devilian Online. Founders Packs are now available for purchase, and the alpha is scheduled to begin…

Free to play Weekly

Free To Play Weekly – Guild Wars 2 Rumored To Be Going F2P? Ep 185

Nexon announces a new team based shooter, Guild Wars 2 is rumored to be going free-to-play, all that and more, this… is Free To Play…

Marvel Heroes War Machine

Fifty Is Nifty: Marvel Heroes Unleashes 50th Playable Hero, War Machine

Gazillion’s tightened the final few bolts on its newest playable character for Marvel Heroes, War Machine, and in doing so now has half a hundred…


LawBreakers Unveils First Gameplay Footage

True to their word, Boss Key Productions has released the first official gameplay video for the upcoming Nexon title LawBreakers this morning. Also true to…

Fable Legends Glory

Fable Legends Not Coming To Steam, Will Be Windows 10 Exclusive

It looks like Steam’s newest competitor isn’t Origin or GoG, but Microsoft itself. In response to a curious fan, Lionhead Studios’ social media coordinator said…


Interview: Talking Spark Limits and Invasions with Skyforge

Today I got the chance to sit down with Drew Hahn, Sr. Community Manager, and Aaron Biedma, Producer, from the Skyforge team and talk about…

Guild Wars 2

Rumor: Guild Wars 2 Going Free-To-Play

Raids coming to #GW2 and core game free to play according to a deleted tweet from IGN — Kristina Hunter (@dulfycleric) August 27, 2015…

Armored Warfare Base 2

All About That Base: Armored Warfare’s New Base System Offers More Ways To Progress

Even tanks and their crews need a place to call home. The latest update for Armored Warfare gives players the opportunity to build a wide…

Bug World_thumb

Otherland’s New Early Access Date Announced

August just wasn’t meant to be for the Early Access Steam release of Drago Entertainment’s free to play sci-fi MMORPG, Otherland. Attributing the delay to…

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