Exsanguinate! Exsanguinate! – Nosgoth BombLive

No, it’s not a Doctor Who game Jason will be playing today. Instead, he’ll be hopping into Nosgoth to see just how wild and chaotic…

Free to play Weekly

Free To Play Weekly – ANOTHER Free To Play Game Goes Buy To Play! Ep 207

Dust 514 bites the dust, H1Z1 is no longer going to be free to play at launch, all that and more, this… is Free To…


Champions Online Releases Teleios Ascendant Content

Champions Online’s latest update — Teleios Ascendant — is officially on the live servers. The new update, which hit the PTS back in January, is…


Bless Online In Final Talks For Western Publication Deal

Neowiz Games’ MMO Bless online is finally coming to Europe and North America, according to a post on Bless-Source. According to the post, the developer…

Free to Play Police

Free to Play Police: Daybreak Games Takes H1Z1 B2P…TWICE Ep. 2

Remember when H1Z1 went into Early Access a year ago? Remember when it was announced as a free-to-play title from the start? Hell, remember when…


ArcheAge [KR] Celebrates The Chinese New Year With The Monkey King

In honor of the Chinese New Year, XLGAMES had decided to add a new pet to ArcheAge Korea — a monkey. Designed to resemble the…

H1Z1 dam zombies

H1Z1 Splits Into Two Games Feb. 17, Will No Longer Be Free-To-Play

1+1 = 2, and apparently H+1+Z+1 = 2, as well. Daybreak Game Company today announced that H1Z1 will split off into two titles, one focusing…


Aion EU Server Mergers Cause International Issues

The recent merger of the European Aion servers is causing a whole new set of issues for NCSoft. Intended to help keep the game’s community…

Brawlhalla Pax South thumb

Brawlhalla @ PAX South: Still Free, Still Fun, Still Forging Ahead

Even if you aren’t any good at it, like me, Brawlhalla is just plain fun. And at PAX South, nobody seemed to be having fun…


Perfect World Discontinues Star Trek Online’s Mac Client

After recent issues with the Star Trek Online Mac client, Perfect World has decided to drop it altogether. The company announced the decision on the…


Tom Clancy’s Endwar Now Available Everywhere

Tom Clancy’s Endwar Online is officially available on Steam, Facebook, and Kongregate as of today. The release of the free-to-play strategy game was announced earlier…


Gloria Victis Implements New Dynamic Events System

Black Eye Games released a new update for its free-to-play game Gloria Victis today. The new update (0.5.6) introduces the new dynamic events system as…

First Look

Free to Play Cast: PAX South Wrap-up, Engine Changes, and First Look Reviews Ep 168

On this week’s Free to Play Cast, The Repopulation has to start coding again from scratch, Jason returns from PAX South with F2P and B2P…


Rift Producer’s Letter Highlights Fifth Anniversay Celebrations & Future Plans

Rift is coming up on it’s 5th anniversary and Trion is preparing to celebrate — beginning with the first major update of the year, 3.6:…

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