BattleCry Trailer Features Lots of Blood, 2015 Beta Announcement

We haven’t heard much about BattleCry since its unveiling over the summer. Bethesda Softworks and BattleCry Studio’s low-tech arena battler looks and plays like a…

Gilded Wasteland 5_thumb

Interview: Swordsman’s “Sandbox in a Themepark”

With the launch of Swordsman’s latest expansion “Gilded Wasteland,” I figured it was time to get some more information about this title as I honestly…

Tome battle

Fast-Paced MOBA Tome: Immortal Arena Coming To Steam

Hey, look, another MOBA. At least this one’s got something resembling a plan to attract players. Kixeye’s Tome: Immortal Arena bills itself as an “action-first…


More Blocks: Trove Open Beta Starts Nov. 5

5 Days. That’s all you have to wait if you were waiting on the Trove Open Beta. Many of you may already be playing either…


Conquer Online King of Kung Fu Gift Pack Giveaway

Conquer Online’s new expansion, King of Kung Fu, is now available and to celebrate this event, MMOBomb is teaming up with Conquer Online to giveaway…


Star Trek Online Offers Discount on Lifetime Subs Through Nov. 20

Starfleet may have done away with the need for money in the 24th century, but us poor 21st-centurly schmucks still need it. So it’s nice…


TERA Expansion Gets Release Window and New Details

Bluehole Studios has released some more information about the recently announced Fate of Arun expansion for TERA: Rising, the free-to-play MMORPG. This info also included…


The Inquisition: Do You Mind The Leveling Grind?

We touched upon it in the last Free-To-Play Cast, and later Magicman and I discussed grinding in TERA. After I obliquely accused him of just…


Interview: Neverwinter Rogues and Clerics Class Balancing Changes

With the Rise of Tiamat coming, it isn’t all about content updates for Neverwinter. Class balancing changes are also coming for both Clerics and Rogues….

Free to Play Cast

Free to Play Cast: MMOs: Home of Solo Players (EP. 114)

On this episode of the Free-to-Play Podcast, we pull apart TERA’s upcoming expansion details, chat about a limited time MMO, watch as STO devs get…


Scream Fortress 2 BombLive!

It’s that time of year again, time to jump back into the Halloween-themed gameplay of Team Fortress 2! Join Jason as he gets an eyeful…


Stryke Hard With Armored Warfare’s Newest Ride

Here’s your latest engine of destruction in Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming tank battler Armored Warfare: the M1128 MGS Stryker Armored Fighting Vehicle. Yes, that’s “Stryker” with…


No Whammies: Stormthrone Minigames Offers Item Prize for Upcoming Alpha

R2 Games has set up an interesting incentive to be checking out the site for their upcoming game, Stormthrone: Aeos Rising, daily. Between now and…

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