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Totem is a 3D browser based real time strategy game published by GameFuse. In Totem a player must command a unique, highly customizable army in the quest to secure the all powerful totem. Totem features 3 distinct races, each offering a unique perspective on the battlefield,

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UberStrike is a 3D browser-based MMO FPS by Cmune. Set in a virtual world, Uberstrike pits players in a series of fast-paced battles against other players and bots. In the virtual battlefield, players must collect the most splats (Kills).

34 reviews

UFO Online

UFO Online is a 3D browser-based Sci-Fi tactical MMO by gamigo. A MMO set in the near future; humanity has split into three factions and are competing for the scarce resources remaining on Earth. With contact being made with extraterrestrial beings, the human factions must decide whether or not to trust their intent to helps humans.

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warface (4)


Warface is a free to play 3D military MMOFPS developed by Crytek (best known for developing Far Cry, Crysis and CryENGINE) with next gen visuals, AI and physics powered by CryENGINE3, the same game engine behind Crysis 2.

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