Free To Play Weekly – Diablo 3 May Be Going F2P! Ep. 213

Diablo 3 may be going free-to-play, LawBreakers ditches the free-to-play model, all that and more, this… is Free To Play Weekly! Free-To-Play Weekly with Zach…

World of Tanks WGL

World Of Tanks 2016 Grand Finals Announced For April 8-9 In Warsaw

Wargaming’s big esports show, the World of Tanks Grand Finals 2016, was announced earlier this week. The event will take place April 8-9 in Warsaw,…


Elsword’s Perkisas Phase 2 Ramps Up The Difficulty

Phase 2 of Elsword Online’s Epic Raid Dungeon Perkisas has officially begun. In this new phase, players will be confronted with a new, more difficult…

wildstar feat

WildStar Offers Limited Time St. Patrick’s Day Goodies In Its Store

St. Patrick’s day has arrived in the WildStar store. For a limited time, Carbine is offering several green goodies, including pets, armor, housing items and…

rift multicore feat

RIFT Multicore Support Beta Now Available

Trion is preparing to launch Multicore support for the free-to-play MMORPG RIFT and they’re looking for beta testers. As of now, players can participate in…

daredevil feat

Marvel Heroes 2016 Offers Free Playable Daredevil To Celebrate Season 2 Of The TV Series

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 hit Netflix yesterday and, of course, Marvel Heroes is doing something to celebrate. To start with, players who log into the…


GDC Report: LawBreakers Ditches Free-to-Play, Changes Art Style

It seems like Cliff Bleszinski may agree with Jason Winter’s assessment of the future of free-to-play games. Today at GDC Boss Key Studios, the team…

heroes of the storm feat

Heroes Of The Storm Introduces Single Lane Map “Lost Cavern”

Blizzard revealed an all new map for its free-to-play MOBA Heroes of the Storm today. The new map — titled “Lost Cavern” — is a…

Chronicle Pioneer Rewards

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Hits Open Beta March 23, But Closed Beta-ers Can Get In Now (And Claim Loot)

The open beta for Chronicle: RuneScape Legends kicks off next Wednesday, March 23, and Jagex is celebrating with a new trailer for the game. If…

SWTOR Valkorion

Players Confront Emperor Valkorion In SWTOR’s Next Chapter, Visions In The Dark

Today, BioWare announced the next chapter in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Knights of the Fallen Empire story, titled Visions in the Dark. Players will…

Total War Battles Kingdom

Total War Battles: Kingdom Launches Next Week

Sega and Creative Assembly’s cross-platform Total War Battles: Kingdom will always hold a special place in my heart. Not because I especially liked it, but…

blade & soul feat

Blade & Soul Announces Silverfrost Mountains

A new expansion is coming to Blade & Soul. Titled Silverfrost Mountains, the expansion will introduce eight new dungeons — five Expert and three Heroic….

gloria victis feat

Gloria Victis Update Expands Available World And Adds New Bosses

The latest update for Black Eye Games’ free-to-play game, Gloria Victis, introduces all new areas for both new and long time players to experience, filled…

tree of savior feat

Tree Of Savior Wants Players To Vote On The Length Of Founders’ Exclusive Access

After revealing yesterday that they were rethinking its three month long Founders’ only access, the Tree of Savior team announced today a plan to allow…

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