FISHAO: First Gameplay Trailer, Gotta Catch ‘Em All

FISHAO the open world fishing MMO has released its first gameplay trailer. Developed by a small duth studio, FISHAO combines elements similar to Pokemon and Animal Crossing by encouraging players to explore the island and catch over 151 unique fish. Stay tuned at MMOBomb for some FISHAO beta keys.

Added 344 days ago - 2013-05-11 - 17 comments
City of Steam (5)

City of Steam set to begin beta today, bi-weekly updates incoming

The Steampunk inspired MMORPG City of Steam is set to begin yet another round of beta testing in a few hours (7:00 PST), which will hopefully lead to the game’s full open beta later this month. Some of the highlighted additions to the beta include: new Arena and Tesla Defense events, a tweaked user interface, [...]

Added 345 days ago - 2013-05-10 - 13 comments

Minimum Devs TimeGate Studios reportedly lets go of entire staff

Timegate, the developers behind the upcoming blockman shooter Minimum hit some rocky waters last week when it was announced the company had filed for Bankruptcy. For those unfamiliar with Timegate, the developers previously crafted the Sci-Fi shooter Section 8 and co-developed the absolute train-wreck that was Aliens: Colonial Marines. It was revealed the studio owed [...]

Added 346 days ago - 2013-05-09 - 23 comments

Star Wars: The Old Republic sees revenue double after converting to Free-to-Play

Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware’s iconic sci-fi MMORPG has seen steady growth since going Free-to-Play late last year. SWTOR had been in a free fall after the game’s subscribers peaked at 1.7 million in February 2012, falling below 1 million subs by July and prompting EA to convert the game to a F2P model. [...]

Added 346 days ago - 2013-05-09 - 33 comments

Evolution: Arcane Saga Enters “Open” Closed Beta Phase

Those of you who may not be familiar with the MMORPG Arcane Saga may in fact know it by another name. gPotato originally launched the MMO internationally in 2011 under the name Prius Online, but the game shutdown in March of last year. Since then it has been pulled from its early grave and been [...]

Added 347 days ago - 2013-05-08 - 41 comments

Hey we’re growing! MMOBomb welcomes editor Jason Winter

It’s my pleasure to announce a new addition to the writing team here at MMOBomb, Jason Winter. Jason isn’t just a fan of MMOBomb, he’s actually a veteran gaming journalist having previously served as the editor for the magazines Massive Online Gamer and Fun Online Games. He’s also written professionally for websites including, where [...]

Added 347 days ago - 2013-05-08 - 71 comments

It’s no joke: Infinite Crisis Closed Beta Now Underway

Turbine’s multiverse MOBA Infinite Crisis closed beta officially starts today and with it comes yet another champion profile, the Clown Prince of Crime, Joker. A master of tricks and traps, the Joker is a ranged “power” champion with access to a variety of disruptive abilities ranging from a rocket-powered punching glove appropriately named “Mr Punchy”, [...]

Added 347 days ago - 2013-05-08 - 17 comments

World of Warships Screenshots feature a World of Ships but No War

While World of Warplanes continues to trudge along in a seemingly perpetual state of closed beta, has already begun showcasing screenshots of their next game, World of Warships. The latest images showcase several of the game’s scenic locales (just look at that pretty water) and a variety of ships including aircraft carriers. A certain [...]

Added 348 days ago - 2013-05-07 - 20 comments
LOTRO - Balewood 03

Tree Tracking: The Lord of The Rings Online Announces Update 11

With Lord of the Rings Online headed to Helm’s Deep later this year, anticipation for new content for the popular MMORPG is soaring. Not content, however, with having fans wait until the new expansion arrives, developer Turbine is already preparing to launch Update 11: Treachery of the White Hand on May 13th. This new update [...]

Added 349 days ago - 2013-05-06 - 7 comments

Virtual Harassment: Planetside 2 Update adds new Harasser buggy

SOE continues to roll out patch after patch for their sci-fi MMOFPS Planetside 2 which consistently have added new weapons, armor, balance tweaks and facility reworks. Update 8 adds the first new vehicle dubbed the Harasser, a buggy with room for 3 -including Max suits- which when equipped with a turbo, is quite possibly the [...]

Added 352 days ago - 2013-05-03 - 4 comments

Free To Play Weekly (Ep.87)

This week on Free to Play Weekly: Mechanist Games announces City of Steam early access, CryEngine 3 powered Panzar Launches in Europe, The Lord of the Rings Online is headed to Helm’s Deep, Snail Games reveals details surrounding steampunk fantasy hybrid MMO Black Gold, and much more! Free-To-Play Weekly with Hannah Noble is the exclusive [...]

Added 352 days ago - 2013-05-03 - 25 comments

Birthday Clash: TERA celebrating its birthday with a new Raid and extra loot

MMOs don’t follow the birthday celebration code like everyone else.. Usually birthday celebrations are a time for us to give things to the celebrant, but in the case of MMOs, it is a time where we get things from it. Where are our manners!? In the case of TERA, players are getting a full months [...]

Added 353 days ago - 2013-05-02 - 21 comments
Infinite Crisis - Batman key art

Worlds Collide: Infinite Crisis Announces Closed Beta Start Date

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer Turbine have announced the closed beta start date for their DC Ultimate Universe MOBA, Infinite Crisis. The superhuman filled MOBA is set to start its closed beta phase on May 8th, with players getting the opportunity to fight against each other as one of several DC Comic characters from [...]

Added 354 days ago - 2013-05-01 - 28 comments

OpenWinter: Neverwinter Open Beta Is Live

Cryptic Studios Neverwinter MMO was released into open beta today which means no more wipes, way more content and a chance once again to stab people in their shins as a halfling. I got a chance to play the open beta during the Founder’s open beta headstart and promptly wasted that time rerolling 3 times. [...]

Added 355 days ago - 2013-04-30 - 47 comments
Avengers MH PvP

Suit Up: Marvel Heroes Announces “Iron Man” Open Beta Weekend

If you didn’t get a chance to try out the Superhero filled action RPG Marvel Heroes during the previous closed beta weekend (which we gave out keys for), you are in luck. Gazillion Entertainment has announced a special open beta weekend starting this Saturday, May 4th in honor of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 movie release. [...]

Added 355 days ago - 2013-04-30 - 20 comments
City of Steam (5)

Early Access Beta Announced for City of Steam

Starting on May 10th, Mechanist Games will open up an exclusive early access beta for their steampunk inspired MMORPG City of Steam. The beta will serve as a prelude to the open beta set to begin a few short weeks after. The early access period will be made available to players through key distribution as [...]

Added 358 days ago - 2013-04-27 - 8 comments

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