It’s Not a Tumor: Valve Scouts Out Trouble In New TF2 Short, Update

There isn’t much to say about this new, 15-minute(!) Team Fortress 2 movie from Valve. Except that it’s hilarious, and even the title has a…


My Lord: Archlord 2 Begins Closed Beta Test

The week back from E3 seems to be filled with the sights and sounds of fresh closed betas beginning. Webzen has added another beta to…


Grab your swords: Swordsman Online Enters Closed Beta

Players who’ve mastered the art of securing closed beta keys and have procured one for the upcoming martial arts MMORPG Swordsman Online may now enter…

E3 2014

E3 2014: Hunt: Horrors of The Gilded Age Interview and Gameplay

MMOBomb stops by the Crytek booth and chats with Ben Gabbard, Producer on the new third-person horror shooter Hunt . Tune in to find out…


Just Deserts: Pearl Abyss Close to Bringing Black Desert to NA and EU

MMOCulture is reporting via a Korean website that Pearl Abyss is “in the final phase of negotiations” with a well-known publisher in North America and…


It’s Waterson vs. Mattherson in the PlanetSide 2 ServerSmash Naming Battle

Two servers enter. Only one leaves. The two U.S. East servers for PlanetSide 2, Mattherson and Waterson, will be merging shortly, and SOE is going…

E3 2014

E3 2014: World of Warships Developer Interview

MMOBomb hangs out with Wargaming’s Gareth Luke, Senior Producer on the upcoming World of Warships. Tune in to find out the latest news regarding Warship’s…

E3 2014

E3 2014: Armored Warfare Exclusive Video Interview

MMOBomb hangs out with Richard Taylor, Project Director on Armored Warfare during an exclusive interview. Tune in to find out what sets Armored Warfare apart…


Incarnates Rising: Two New Warriors Announced For Namco Bandai’s 2 on 2 Fighter

Two new contenders have entered the arena of Namco Bandai’s upcoming fighting game, Rise of Incarnates. Erendira Quinn was an abused child whose power was…


Deforestation: Enter The Eterlands, A Pretty New MOBA

So there’s another MOBA coming out. Surprise! But if the announcement trailer released this week during E3 is any indication, Eterlands is bringing more to…

E3 2014

E3 2014: Skyforge Exclusive Video Interview

MMOBomb snags an Exclusive interview with Eric Demilt, Development Director on the Sci-Fi Fantasy MMO Skyforge. Tune in to find out about Skyforge’s unique class…


GOOOOAL! World of Tanks Celebrates World Cup With New Game Mode

What makes sports better? Tanks! That’s Wargaming’s opinion, at least, and they’re putting it to the test with a temporary World Football Championship game mode,…

E3 2014

E3 2014: BattleCry Exclusive Interview and Gameplay

MMOBomb snags an Exclusive interview with Rich Vogel, Executive Producer on the new action combat title BattleCry . Tune in to find out how a…

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