(EDITOR’S NOTE: There’s lots of comments asking about Black Desert. Yes, we’re eagerly anticipating it, but Pearl Abyss clarified comments earlier this week and the launch is now back in the 2016 time window so it doesn’t make this list. Check out the update at the bottom of this article.)

A new year is almost upon us! And with a new year comes new hopes, new dreams, and, most importantly, new games!

Here’s our list of the top 10 games we – and hopefully you – are looking forward to in the coming year. Admittedly, not all of these games will be fully playable in 2015, but several of them should be, and the ones that aren’t will almost certainly see much bigger info drops as they inch more closely to their due dates.

Remember, we count a F2P game as “out” if it’s free to get into for everyone – i.e., no closed alpha/beta or paid early access. So while you may have tried some of these titles already, they’re still not freely available to the general public.

Also, this list isn’t just about what games have the potential to be huge – how much they’re currently in the public eye also plays a part. A “big” game that isn’t being publicized much right now might rank lower than a “smaller” game that’s in the spotlight and/or close to launch.


Heroes of the Storm

Maybe it’s the Blizzard name, maybe it’s the roster of heroes, or maybe it’s because it’s making the genre more friendly and accessible, but Heroes of the Storm is poised to become the next big name in MOBAs. The closed beta starts in January, so we’d expect a full launch by midyear.


EverQuest Next

Other than a surge of information at SOE Live, we didn’t hear too much about EQ Next in 2014. No matter; almost by default, it’s the most anticipated MMORPG out there, now that Titan’s been officially shelved, and looks to be a worthy successor to the most storied name in MMOs.



Three years ago, “survival games” weren’t even a thing. If H1Z1 can deliver the thrills of DayZ and its ilk, while also being a more stable and eye-popping experience, it’ll be a sure hit. Early Access starts in January, so we’ll get to find out pretty quickly.



Epic Games’ base-building cooperative shooter is all about scavenging and mining resources to craft your team’s fortress so nobody is left for dead… where do they get these ideas? Wherever they come from, Fortnite already has a legion of eager fans waiting to beat down its well-constructed doors.



The Landmark hype has cooled down a bit, but there are still plenty of players wanting to get their hands on SOE’s building game – or at least wanting to see a more finished version. Combat and destructibility were implemented in the latter part of 2014, and we’ll be interested to see what SOE adds next year.


World of Warships

The last part of Wargaming’s holy trinity is still docked in the harbor, but since World of Tanks launched in 2011 and World of Warplanes in 2013, we’d bet on getting a playable version of World of Warships in 2015. And then World of Flying Saucers in 2017. Make it happen, Wargaming.



Become a god and save the world – hey, what else do you need to know? Skyforge looks gorgeous and looks to be doing more than your average MMO, with players tackling huge world events en masse, and a class system that provides more options than you can shake a divinely enchanted stick at.


Blade & Soul

It seems like we’ve been talking about Blade & Soul forever. It’s been launched in Asia, and there’s a solid chance we’ll get a chance to try it out in North America in 2015. Will the Korean martial arts epic live up to the hype or be lost in the translation?


Phantasy Star Online 2

Fans are still clinging to hope that PSO2 will see a Western release. Like EverQuest Next, it’s got a venerable MMO name behind it, and it’s been out in Japan for two years, though there’s been nary a word on the promised Western adaptation since.



Fans of Legacy of Kain have jumped into the Nosgoth alpha and beta by the thousands, and the asymmetrical vampires-vs.-humans game is winning a legion of fans, thanks to its creepy ambiance and fast-paced, blood-drenched, no-holds-barred combat.

So how does our list stack up to yours? What are you looking forward to in the coming year?


  1. I agree Heroes of the Storm is probably the most anticipated f2p game. One of the features of it atm is that there is no solo player leveling trough match but whole team gains xp/levels together and that eliminates overfeed heroes and under-powered supports (also that eliminates kill steal problem and drama that ensues after). I will definetly play it for some time. Everquest Next is my personal most anticipated since ArcheAge is not nearly to my liking.

  2. who made the list that has freaken nosgoth and heroes of the storm . world of war planes in it . seriously ?
    i’m really disappointed mmobomb would allow such a list . ALSO considering many of the games on the “list” are not even announced for 2015 release . come on guys WTF

  3. I’m definitely waiting for Everquest Next, World of Warship and Skyforge and I can understand why something like Heroes of the Storm is on the list… but PSO and Nosgoth, is someone really excited about those games? xD

    I think Albion should be on this list

    • I think you’re retarded. Skyforge is worse than most MMOs by far, coming from someone who plays the KR version of basically every MMO released these days. Clunky, horrible combat with minimal customization, whether it’s character or skills.

      PSO2 is probably the most played game in all of Japan, and I can guarantee you that there’s more people in Western and OCE culture waiting for PSO2 after all this time than a vehicle simulator, copy/paste horribad MMO and a less-blocky Minecraft.

      On top of that, Nosgoth was received very, very well. Innovate, fun gameplay that actually takes skill, and lets people get into the hunter/hunted mindset. It had great test results.

      • I’m retarded for having an opinion? I said I’m waiting to test skyforge, I NEVER said it was the best game ever

        and just so you know, PSO will not be as successful here, it is already dated and is pretty much “instanced”-based, although not as limited as an instanced game, it is still not what people here like

        and if you want to reply to this, grow up kid

  4. The list is kiiiiinda stupid, like what a lot of people say, Heroes of the Storm wouldn’t be #1 and nosgoth shouldn’t even be on there, and world of warships wouldn’t even bee that high or even on the list in my opinion.

    Like really where is Black Desert and Maplestory 2? There’s going to be a bigger audience for that adorable Chibi game than most of the games on this list; and Black Desert should be just up there rivaling Skyforge.

    I for one am looking forward to the Asian made games more than these other ones.

    • Black Desert is 2016 again (they clarified a statement a few days ago) and MS2 just entered Alpha with no indication of release window in Korea or worldwide. 🙂

      • Nice reply and was wondering about that with Black Desert.
        Even still though, it just 2016 is the year to be.

        I’m still waiting for the chibi fest of maplestory 2.

  5. Wouldn’t put Heroes of the Storm at the top. Nosgoth is trash and everyone knows it. The people who really wanted to play Blade and Soul already have and its so mediocre it won’t ever reach popularity here assuming NC Soft even publishes the bloody thing.

    2014 was a bad year for MMO’s . 2015 holds some promise but with quality and mismanagement rampant, I have little to no excitement. Skyforge and Black Desert are the only ones I am looking forward to.

    • Skyforge is one of the clunkiest MMOs on the market. Coming from someone who plays KR versions of games, it’s horrible. Slow, boring combat. Wonky movement and desync issues. Little to no customization with anything, whether it’s character creation or skill-wise.

      They just happen to have a good person in charge of making the game look better than it is, via trailers.

  6. Lol. Wow just wow. Look at all them haters hating. If you don’t like what they see as what might be interesting next year. Then don’t bloody waste 2 of your freakin cents with hate comments. People like you destroy review sites and gaming companies. If you do a hate on this comment, then I rest my case.

  7. only 1 FPS/3rdPS on the list? hmmm, i think u have way too many hack’n’slash lovers…

    btw, not being a moba player, and having played only dota2, how good are the others compared to it?

        • thanks sir.magicman for the information…thats bad news for us (gamerz).
          to me 2014 was a bad year for games in general…
          lets hope for a better 2015

          games are my favorite sport…haterz gonna hate

      • Well I don’t agree with all the games in their list but some of them I am looking forward to.
        Black Desert isn’t 2016 thats the date they put in case they run into problems. But normaly it should be here for late 2015 (yeah well almost 2016 ^^)

  8. Geez, Heroes of the Storm, really? Didn’t like it (yeah, got it’s key and played it; maybe after release, but meeeh).
    If you really want to place MOBA on your list then put MASTERxMASTER, seems way more interesting than HotS (Bloodline Champios gameplay with Heroes of NCSoft? HELL YEAH!).
    I guess Tree of Savior and Lineage Eternal/Lost Ark, and even Black Desert/BLESS/Revelation, should be on your list. Nosgoth, World of Warship (lol? I don’t really care about it), H1Z1, Fortnite? I would trade all of then for Fishing Hero (coming back in January), it’s fun and relaxing.

  9. Just the facts:

    Landmark And Nosgoth are both DEAD on beta, just check it on Steam;
    H1Z1,World of Warships: I rarely saw any news about these two games mmo sites in 2014;

    Well, what about
    Gigantic? Overwatch? Why is not there?!


  10. 1. Black Desert

    2. Blade & Soul

    3. Tree of Savior

    4. Dungeon Fighter Online (coming back thanks to neople)

    5.Everquest Next

    6. Overwatch

    The rest are a toss-up. But I can guarantee that these six are probably the most anticipated games of the new year. There have also been some rumors that MapleStory 2 might get a worldwide release. However, those are JUST rumors.

    • This is what the list should have been. Blade & Soul I wouldn’t put so high, but that’s just me. Why did they have to forget about Overwatch and Black Desert.

  11. i disagree with this list . heroes of the storm as a #1 is a bunch of BS lol .
    im willing to bet it wont even crack the 500k activate players a day dota 2 has (which is nothing compared to league of legends 72 million active players daily).
    #1 should be black desert online . bad list reallllllly bad .

    • U kidding me? Have u even get into its alpha state?

      I am one of those players who have tried every MOBA game out there or most of them and this game is spectacular no wonder Blizzard is a hell of a gem company.

      Only blizzard can have more than 1 year alpha stage of a game.The game is getting polished day by day.
      No Items,NO Individual level,No CSing(farming) bullshit just push and kill.

      And yea its right to be #1 coz its a moba and moba genre is way more successful than MMORPGs atm.

      Black Deset having good reviews is still a korean game.Have u not seen the status of archeage??
      Korean games model is way retarded for the west.

  12. There’s a couple of landmines in that list that may have a level of hype to them, but I think the gameplay from what I have witnessed so far is not bringing anything new to the market, ultimately fated to mediocrity. Of course, I hope I am wrong.

    Fortnite is completely new to me, today I learnt about something that looks fun to play! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Blade n Soul and PSO2 should be taken out, they lost most of their anticipation ages ago.
    Nosgoth? Really?

    Put in Lost Ark, Black Desert, and Tree of Savior and you have an infinitely better list.

    • As we chatted about on the Free to Play Cast going up today, Black Desert clarified their release window and it is now back to 2016 again, hence not on this list. Thanks!

    • pso 2 will be totaly worth it trust me it will require quite some content patches tough but its good with a non p2w cash shop.

      blade and soul and skyforge is also a good one.

      • I played the Japanese PSO2, its a cool game but if people enter in it with the “open world” idea it will fail. its a nice Action MMORPG but it isn’t open world (not a problem to me). But here in the west i think that PSO2 will suffer because of a lack of events that in the Japanese version is totally based in animes (and that are very cool just to say). Copyrights…

        • I’m quite happy with no open world, some of my favourite MMOs have not had an open world. Guild Wars 1 for example, Valkyrie for another. I enjoyed the first Phantasy Star, I hope the second one will be fun as well!

        • At this point, they shouldn’t bother, the hype train’s already left the station, and SoA missed another chance to get their head of of unmentionable places. The people who were hyped two years ago after back to back Q1 beta/release promises have just decided to stick the the JP version, and the people who weren’t, well, I’m sure they’re also the same set of people who already complained about SoA’s terribly lackluster performance with keeping PSU up to date not long enough ago. And personally, I figure it will be the same issue, being up to a year(!) behind the JP counterpart. Waste of time.

          Oh, and Blade and Soul is in a similar situation, they’ve had on their website for two years that we were getting it in the western world, but haven’t updated since 2012’s December on their very own website.

          I’d be more hyped when Wildstar gets over itself and jumps onto the f2p wagon, like every other freaking MMO.

          • No kidding, Kain. I’m not afraid to buy Sega games if they’re good, but I just don’t follow them anymore. They kept all the recreations of the Phantasy Star series over there, as well as the newer games, like PSO2. That’s saying a lot. Yet they have no problem shoveling shitty Sonics over here and hoping they sale based on nostalgia…

            I mean, I can boot up Steam and get pretty much every recent release of the Ys series. FRIGGIN’ YS. But no Phantasy Stars to be had, and they’ve been bullshitting us over PSO2 for over 2 years now. My hype train left a long time ago. If those idiots at Sega are going to treat their American customers so terrible, they can blow it out their ass.

          • They just need to drop their SoA division like so much garbage, I don’t think Sega’s core is really to blame. Consider this; they were the main reason of Sega’s departure from consoles, forced Sega to rush Sonic ’06, fail to keep up on updates, and instead of living up to promises, make us wait two years while pushing the shitfest that was “Aliens: Colonial Marines”.
            SoA deserves to burn.
            (PS: 2, 3, and 4 are on Steam, whatchootalk’n’bout?)


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