This week the idea of an outdoor episode in the snow seemed like a GREAT idea… on paper. Turns out that snow stuff is COLD! This week Magicman takes a look at publishers playing games, sandbox titles, and chat windows! All this and much more!

Ask MMOBomb is an weekly exclusive where we answer questions from our viewers. While questions should be Free to Play games related, they don’t always HAVE to be if you question is something we think viewers REALLY want to know. So feel free to ask anything you want! Questions are chosen from YouTube, Facebook and our website comments on the previous episodes, and emails sent to Get those questions ready and let’s have some fun!

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  1. hi magicman i have a question for u what do u think the future for fps game’s with pve is more like global agenda where it’s full world with major pve and less pvp or more like warface where pve is lobby based i would like to hear ur opinion on this mather

  2. hee hee hee ok this is what we all can and should call one darn cool show Magicman. But for all the fun stuff sat aside it as always was a grand show . And may all who make MMOBOMB possible the best year ahead too. 😉

  3. Hi, Magicman. My question is: How does it feel to be the “official” spokesman for MMOBOMB? I would read articles on the site and would automatically think you wrote it, especially when they add a personal flair to the piece. Keep up the good work and hope 2013 is a good year for you and yours.


  4. Aion EU is still like that, Chat is blocked, Player trade is blocked, Auction house is blocked. Certain other features blocked. Allot of class mana stones and other pieces drop that are PERFECT (of course) to give to others and support your guild…but you cant until you pay. This is ok, to start, but level 40, Pay up or get out of the game. Especially since it turns PvP centric, you are going to need those functions opened up to aide each other. Although it is Gamforge stamped, NCsoft logo everywhere. Ncsoft gets paid. IT is horrible, the US is better and I Would slap down cash in US for cosmetics.
    again, because of moral, I had to uninstall EU. Just cant play that greed game. US is not IP blocked but super lag fest from EU. :ç AION RANT OVER, but very relevant as it is 2012 TOP MMORPG chosen here in mmobomb.

    • Also,
      AION EU players created a large petition in the forums. Gameforge removed it after everyone signed, and they announced in their official notes that they are removing all thegood features in the patch 3.5 and installing a patch 3.7 to enhance the restrictions in the game because “we feel that is in the best interest of EU players, and that is what keeps us different from the US version”…so,they are capitalizing on the few that pay, and denying the rest a full US like launch to be truly F2P….I uninstalled already.

  5. This publisher question is hilarious. Reminds me of George Lucas trying to pitch his piece of crap Star Wars 1-3 films. NO ONE wanted to touch it when he pitched it. He then blames people and “doesn’t understand why no one would touch it”. Feel free to indulge – ( )

    Apply this to the game world and bam. Bad ideas + good publishing name = bad product.

    Good ideas + bad publishing = Broken product (with usual great first and original versions, Vanilla wow, EQ, etc)

    Good ideas + Good publisher = Usually interdependent, or one time launch (see above) – (mine craft, etc)

    Opinions rock. One persons does matter. Collect them all. Measure them, test them then use moral for gods sake. Even if Star Wars was a super awesome MMORPG that uses real life teleporting, I would not touch it if it made George Lucas rich. I prefer to miss out and play a bigger real life role than turn into a sheep.
    Support your local private servers all, and happy new years!

  6. hello mmobomb,
    I have a theme for you guys to talk about in free-to-play cast or maybe in another video.
    The theme is: What are the most expected mmorpgs free or not for 2013.
    I would love to ear you guys talk about this and also read the community feedback,
    Keep doing those great videos.
    Love the show.

  7. Publishers?! Many of the games I’ve played have left me feeling like the DEVELOPERS don’t even play their own games. It’s like they just sit there and program all day, then release an ‘open beta’ so everyone else can test their code for them.

    Seriously though, if a game makes me feel like some kind of guinea pig, I happily uninstall it. Unfinished and sloppy code is the hallmark of a crappy game.

  8. hi magicman one of the big surprises to me of the final quarter of the year, was Warframe is kind of well done FTP beta that i feel it can be one of the interesting games of 2013, check it out, not to many players now but is, playable 100%.

  9. lol , hmmm you try not to dog game’s aka warren story…. Guess you forgot how your first look of Knightage went … !

  10. Hey Magicman

    There are a lot of new titles new amazing super awesome titles coming out during this year so how much do ya think the gonna raise the bar for free-2-plays next year oh and happy new years

    – THE MOST AWESOME WAFFLE saintwaffle

  11. Lol, To be wearing a sweater outside, must not have been that cold, come up to Canada, Alberta, and see what it’s really like during the winter.

    Good MMOASK though.

    I have a question for you. Why is it that you don’t do other “Pay To Play” Titles such as Guild Wars 2 for first looks? You’re websites name doesn’t exactly suggest that you strictly do “Free To Play” Titles being “Mmobomb” and all. I would like to see a First Look of Guild Wars 2. Don’t pretend as if you don’t play the game MagicMan, and Spunkify, I know you do. You guys don’t seriously expect me to believe you just play “Free to Play” do you? Of course not. Should do some first looks on Guild Wars 2 (Game I play, cause nothing else it out yet), maybe do a dual commentary, I’d love to see that personally, would be fun =).

    • Hi!
      You’re right, the name MMOBomb doesn’t signify “free” but the site that MMOBomb was born out of (free to play gamer) was free only. We’ve actually had internal discussions about if we should also cover buy to play, sub based, and other modeled games many times and we keep deciding to stick to free because we honestly believe that the future of gaming is one where a high percentage of the market has SOME free component.

      We do however drop sub and buy to play game opinions into the “Free to Play Cast” when they apply to other discussions and we don’t make a secret out of any games we play (free or otherwise). Listeners often ask what else I am playing and join in game even if it isn’t free.

      As for dual commentaries, Spunkify and I have already done some (usually in our “Gameplay Action” show) and will continue to do them since (as you point out) they are usually very well received.
      Thanks for the feedback!

    • i do not mean to offend u by any way but if u watch the f2p cast(which u probably aren’t cause u would be aware of this)or even the previous mmobomb ask shows u would know the answer to ur question :P.I mean a lot of people have asked that to him and the best explaination i can think of right away was first a channel named freemmogamer(it still is if u notice)after a while freemmogamer became MMOBOMB as all know and love therefore they cover mainly f2p mmos(although as magicman said they do talk in f2p cast about b2p/p2p games examples:age of wushu(i consider it p2p since u pay for beta)wow(its b2p).Also if u have time and get on MMOBOMB’S streams( Live Stream page: every Monday and Wednesday at 2PM PST.)they sometimes play games that arent f2p(example magicman played last week i think or 2 weeks ago it was he played the secret world)

      Hope this helped u a bit 🙂

    • Hi!
      The format for that show (in concept) was to bounce episodes back and forth between Spunkify and I. He should be finishing the next episode and then I’m next again 🙂

  12. FINALY A NEW MMOASK EPISODE..oops oh right hey there magicman first of all i(and all the other mmomboers) would like to apologize for making u (probably)sick cause u stayed liked god knows how long outside in the cold and since i am kinda aware how long this thing takes u ik its more than just 25min :P.Anyways my question for the next episode is the following:

    I’ve asked this question to Damina on the 1 year mmobomb live show but i totally agree with her but i would like to know your “prespective” on that.Yep your thoughs are correct its about age of wushu i want your thoughts about it although i think u agree but i really want to hear ur opinion about this whole deal and especially now that(as u said)they are “re”thinking to reduce those 3 months head start that people get if they pay real money.So what are your thoughs on this?Thanks in advance and hope u didn’t get sick 🙁

  13. Hey Magic! Thanks once again for using my question. Awesome to get responses from you. I agree with your take on sandbox mmo’s. They are, at heart, niche type games. I’ve never been a huge sandbox type player, but it’s due to the fact that there aren’t many good ones out there.

    As for Salem, sigh……… I wanted to try it, and tried….. Damn client won’t start! Tried to get it to work for 2 hours, but to no avail. Salem, you just lost out on a player. If you want a player base, make it so I can actually launch the damn game! FOR SHAME!

    As for EQNext…. oOoOoOo, as I’ve mentioned before, EQ1 was my end all be all of mmo’s! It’s what got me playing mmo’s, so I will be excited for anything with that IP attached to it. Sony, please….please…..please don’t screw this one up!

    Thanks again Magicman for letting me be involved in your content, it makes my day every time!

    Keep doing what you do brother!


    • I never understood Everquest. It may be sandbox but the game itself is pretty mediocre because you have your hotbar with skills, you have your target based combat based on those skill. Those things are pretty common in today’s MMO market.
      To be honest a game that i would call a true sandbox experience is Mortal Online. It may have some pretty harsh f2p restriction but it’s still a fun game since it’s a player shaped world with no quests of any kinde(except for the tutorial) in wich you can practiclly do anithing you want.

      • actually everquest is an old ip it was published in 1999, and the core concept is that it was based on text MUDS (multi user dungeons) so along with ultima online you could call everquest the foundation of modern mmos that is why it has tab targeting and hotbars. as for true sandbox is any game that has user created content or the other definition is a game that is non linear and gives you freedom of choice like grand theft auto


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