The Art of Crafting in MMORPGs: 10 Best Crafting MMORPG Games

Here's our list of the best MMORPG Games to craft in.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor

The Art of Crafting in MMORPGs: 10 Best Crafting MMORPGs

For many players gathering and crafting are vital components of their favorite MMORPGs. Great crafting can do wonders for engagement in a game, especially when crafting is relevant to the world. These are our 10 favorite MMOs to craft in.


Palia is the cozy MMO where you can play and escape. Whether you're into crafting, gathering, farming, or whatever relaxing activity, Palia has it in spades. The game is currently in open beta and is free to download and play on the Epic Games store or at

Albion Online

Albion Online is a true sandbox MMO featuring a deep and immersive gathering and crafting system that is sure to tickle your fancy. There are PvP zones in the game, but they are avoidable for the most part, and you can focus on just being a tradesman in the game if you wish. Resources are regional, meaning you'll need to explore the world to gather the materials you need to be a serious crafter.

New World

New World's survival game roots shine through in its deep crafting system. You can master some or all of the trade skills to become a master crafter. The gathering is some of the best in the genre as sound and visual design come together to immerse you in the experience. End game items can be crafted as best-in-slot, but it will take a lot of work to get your crafting skill to that point.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online was the first MMO where I went super deep into crafting. You can craft items and consumables for yourself, or sell them in the marketplace to make some coin. The crafting system in ESO is very rewarding and remains one of the better examples in a traditional MMO.

Lord of the Rings Online

While you can't master all professions like in ESO or New World, Lord of the Rings Online does feature a fantastic crafting system that lets you craft valuable items. While crafting isn't as central to the game as it is in others on this list, you will definitely feel rewarded if you spend time in the system.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV features a wide variety of professions to choose from, and players can create gear, consumables, and even housing items. The crafting mini-game adds a unique flair to the system that many other games don't have.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online has an economy that is heavily influenced by crafting, making it one of the most important things you can do in the game. Go out in the world and craft, hire workers to run your crafting empire, and enjoy the coin and prestige that comes with being one of the top crafters.

Wurm Online

Another true sandbox MMORPG, Wurm Online centers around your ability to craft in order to survive in the world. You can shape the world around you through terraforming and building, and the wide array of crafting professions will be essential to your experience in the game. It's a truly expansive crafting system that receives a lot of praise from the playerbase.


Runescape has been in the crafting game for a long time now, and as such they have some fantastic systems in place that keep players engaged with gathering and crafting for years. Gathering and crafting are central to Runescape's economy, meaning you'll be an important cog in the wheel if you're into crafting.

EVE Online

Do you like building ships? Want space ship building as a central part of your MMO? Then why haven't you tried EVE Online? Gathering and crafting are central aspects of the game as you look to improve your fleet. The system is complex, so you better put on your thinking space helmet.

And there you have it, our 10 favorite MMORPGs to craft in. What's your favorite MMO to craft in? Let us know in the comments.

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