BombPoll #6: What Popular IP Should Become An MMORPG?

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor

The world needs more MMORPGs, right? I mean, right now, there really isn't any "big" thing coming down the pike, no huge game dominating every conversation, not like there was a few years ago for hotly anticipated titles like EverQuest Next, Blizzard's Titan, or even things that actually came out, like The Elder Scrolls Online or Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Those games might not have set the world alight like some people thought they might, but they were pretty big deals for a while and were the sort of things that got gamers' juices flowing every time there was the briefest snippet of news about them. I don't know about you, but I want to live in that time again. It would be neat to see that kind of enthusiasm from the MMORPG community again. Hype!

So for this week's BombPoll, we're going to go with a few well-known intellectual properties out there that haven't yet been made into MMOs. We're talking full-on, live-in-the-world, 3-D MMORPGs here, too, not phone games or shooters or "interactive stories" -- which can be good, but aren't anything like, say, World of Warcraft. In the cases of the Star Wars and Marvel selections, there are MMOs that utilize different aspects of their universes, but we think that an MMORPG using those specific worlds would be new and fresh and be a big deal to players if they existed.

And yes, we know ... these are probably all pipe dreams, and MMORPGs are on a downturn, and they would take years to release, and they probably wouldn't meet up with sky-high expectations. But let's just dream a little bit, shall we?


Last week, we asked what genre of online gaming has been done to death. Despite so many new CCGs, survival/battle royale, and hero-based shooters coming out, the old standby MOBA garnered the most votes, 37% in total. Maybe that's why Nexon went with the tried-and-true way to get people into a normally unpopular game: boobs.

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Jason Winter, News Editor

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Discussion (2)

Boppo 6 years ago
I remember having this conversation years ago with some buddies and I still believe Pokemon could so easily be turned into a legit mmorpg. It could be less about leveling up your trainer and more about exploration in the world to 'catch them all' and making your team stronger. It would put me in the idea of the Pokemon Go craze but obviously done better. Every expansion could be new regions opening up with more pokemon following in the vain of the single player games themselves. And Legendaries would actually be something you would have to find rather than just camping a spot for its spawn. It could be a huge hit, if done correctly for sure.

YOHO MOHO 6 years ago
NONE! Learn from the past FFS

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