If EverQuest Next is the game that never was and H1Z1 is the game that will be — it’s still in early access! — then PlanetSide 2 is the game that just is. It’s been steadily chugging along for five years, and Daybreak Game Company is celebrating its half-decade anniversary next week.

Starting now and going until next Friday, Nov. 24, players earn double XP in PS2. On Monday, the 20th, redeem the promo code 5YearsPS2 to get a free 5th Anniversary decal or purchase one of three anniversary bundles to show your love for the game. For more on all the 5th Anniversary festivities, including Monday’s livestream, check out the PS2 website.

In other PlanetSide 2 news, earlier this week, some members of the PS2 dev team hosted an AMA on Reddit. You can read the summary of important points here, which include such statements as:

“the game is doing exceptionally for being 5 years old. We will continue to improve it for as long as we can.” How long will that be? “So long as players continue their current spending patterns, we can support and develop the game.”

There was a lot said about the recent Combined Arms Initiative and Critical Mass updates. Here’s developer Wrel’s long answer to several pertinent questions about CAI. Elsewhere, he states that Critical Mass “was a good step forward. Probably the first one in a long time that actually starts to address core issues.”

For the future, Wrel said that “2018 is going to have a heavy emphasis on outfits and leadership, as well as the new player experience.” And sorry to those of you who want ships to go with your tanks and planes: Naval action isn’t in the works. Hey, there’s always War Thunder.

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  1. i have laptop – intel 2020m cpu + 8gb memory + 1gb radeon HD 8500m , 64 bit windows and still can not play , so Kevin Flu.mind please touch the ground and return to reality.

    • That laptop clearly isn’t good enough and doesn’t meet the recommended specifications (never assume that the minimum are enough, because nine times out of ten, they aren’t). For a start, it’s a laptop that isn’t built for gaming, so it’s not surprising that you can’t play it. So I’m not the one who needs to return to reality.

        • People always tell me to calm down. I am calm, the embodiment of serenity lol. Wonder if it’s just because I use the correct grammar, or something? Who knows.
          The person assumed because they have 64-bit Windows, that this game will work. I was just correcting them (in a pedantic manner, seeing as they had chosen to talk down to me lol).
          Most old laptops (never a good choice for gaming anyhow) can run newer versions of Windows, just not effectively and sure as day turns to night, won’t be able to play graphically and server-intensive games, that’s for sure.
          Anybody with basic gaming knowledge should know this. I do, and I’m nowhere near an expert.
          People should spend a few minutes on Google, before spouting nonsense and all of this could have been avoided. xD

          • AMD Phenom II (4 CPUs, 3.2GHz), 6Gb RAM. Still cannot play the game even with the lowest graphics (played “Witcher: The Wild Hunt” with almost maxed).
            This game is sh11t for AMD users. 10FPS in Biolab, zero chance to kill anything, zero fun. Also, it is impossible to fly, the risk u kiss the ground because of having lags is too damn high.
            P.S. Sorry for my eng.

  2. i still can not play this game , because it need GOOD computer, when they crossover to “64 bit windows only” they raise need for everything , so like i said i still can not play like few million people ,and when i would be able to buy better comp. the game will be 10 years old , and there will be so many better games to play. So there- smart programers, next time do not make f2p game for 1000 people on this planet.


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