Domination Game Mode Returns To SMITE, But Will It Be Successful This Time?

They've made improvements.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor

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It's been quite some time since we've seen the Domination game mode in SMITE, and while there are definitely folks out there who loved the Domination game mode, it did not prove to be successful overall. Now, it's back with improvements geared toward making the Domination map in the MOBA more competitive and intuitive.

In the old Domination game mode tickets were subtracted from the enemy team when minions made it to their goals on the other side of the map. While this is how Arena works, it was simply unintuitive to many Conquest players and didn't make a lot of sense for a point-capture game mode. Now, instead of that system, each capture point held subtracts one ticket from the enemy team every 3 seconds. Holding all 3 capture points will subtract 4 points every scoring interval from your enemy. Kills subtract 2 tickets from your enemy, and shutdowns subtract 5. Minions will now provide 3 Global Gold and 1 XP per minion when entering their goals.

The new changes to Domination in SMITE make a lot more sense than the old system. Hopefully, it proves to be more fun and gets more players involved over the entire course of the game mode's time in the game. They've made some improvements to the map as well with things like collision actually matching the terrain. I'm definitely interested in checking out Domination again as it sounds like it could be a lot more fun this time around, especially if more people are playing it.

There are quite a few quality-of-life updates for gods in the game in this patch as well, and you can check out the patch notes over on the official SMITE site.

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