Google is my spirit animal. I do probably a hundred or more Google searches a day, many of which are related to the work I do for MMOBomb. When I search for a game by name, it usually comes up at the top of my search results, even if the game uses a fairly common word, like “Smite” or “Swordsman,” for its title.

But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, buried on page eight of the search results is something… else. Something not related to video games at all, and something that I’m amazed hasn’t received or sent out a cease and desist order. You’ll probably never use any of these companies, but it’s sometimes strange to think of how “EverQuest” means one thing to gamers like us and something completely different to a group of financiers in New York. Here are a few of the more interesting MMO sound-alikes that I found:

Disclaimer: None of these are paid endorsements by the companies mentioned.

Everquest Financial Ltd. It makes a kind of perverse sense that a company named after a free-to-play game would deal in money. Unlike the other entries on this list, the video game clearly predated the formation of the financial management group, which was founded in 2006 — seven years after the well-known MMO. You’d think they’d have known about it. Wonder if Daybreak does?

Everquest Financial got into some hot water back in 2007, though I’ll admit that I’m not very well versed in high-stakes financial jargo. Still, when I see numbers in the hundreds of millions of dollars being floated around, it makes the latest patch issues for EverQuest seem kind of insignificant by comparison, no?

Skyforge AB. The website for this IT firm won’t make much sense to you if you don’t read Swedish, but its LinkedIn profile provides a description of the company’s services in English. “We build things that make the world better, easier to understand and more fun to be in.” Hey, that almost sounds like the video game!

The next two paragraphs sound a little haughty — “We are good at money” and “We are also good at developing software.” Maybe they read better in their native Swedish, thus showing that bad localization isn’t just a trouble for imported MMOs.

Archage Group. That’s “Archage” without an “e.” Like ArcheAge, you’ll need a lot of money to enjoy what Archage (warning: autoplaying music) has to offer. It’s an interior design firm based out of New Delhi, India that specializes in upscale spaces like spa hotels and estate homes. In other words, it’s all about the fancy housing — another sentiment that ArcheAge players are very accustomed to.

Also, doesn’t the Archage “A” look an awful lot like the ArcheAge “A”? Hmm…

War Frame Mech Sauce. This War Frame is a “Well Rounded Sweet And Refreshing Peppermint” flavor for your e-cigarette that’ll set you back a cool $35 for a 60 ml bottle. That sounds like a lot until you realize that you can spend $35 in Warframe and not even get a physical product.

Fire Fall. “Audrey Whitticomb wants to be a Guardian like her superhero mom, Morning Star, and her superhot boyfriend, Leon. But at seventeen, Audrey still hasn’t been called–unlike reluctant Tink, who’d rather not deal with all those scaly-skinned, red-eyed demons.” Leon is superhot.

The Black Desert. Not a company name, but a place, Egypt’s Black Desert is a popular tourist area where eroded black rocks dominate the landscape. It’s close to the Temple of Alexander the Great and the Tomb of Banentiu, which sound like five-man dungeons. It’s also “a little to the north of the White Desert.” Makes sense.

Have you ever found a company or place with a name that reminded you of a video game? let us know in the comments!



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