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Women, Sex and MMO Games 5

Women, Sex and MMO Games

You want to start a new MMORPG, so you have two options to choose which one: a recommendation from a friend or looking around...
Global Agenda: Free Agent 5

Global Agenda Exclusive Interview

In a market flooded with fantasy-themed MMORPGs, Hi-Rez Studios tried to play the originality card with Global Agenda, a sci-fi third person shooter that...
The Dark Side of MMO Games 1

The Dark Side of MMO Games

I'm here to discuss things nobody else does, discussing the "dark side" of the MMO industry. You must have heard this stories about private...
Dungeons & Dragons Online 6

Free to Play online Games Ready to Dominate Gaming Market

When MMORPG’s first hit the scene way back in the early 1990’s, the increased cost associated with running an online game, from server maintenance...
MMOBomb.com launches beta stage! 1

MMOBomb.com launches beta stage!

We proudly announce the official launch of the beta stage of MMOBomb.com, a new and independent platform for free-to-play online games developed by members...