First Look

World of Fishing – First Look Gameplay

Take to the water in multiple locations around the world on your quest to become the ultimate angler in World of Fishing. Please be quiet…

First Look

ASTA – First Look Gameplay

Webzen has kicked off their first beta event for the upcoming free-to-play MMORPG ASTA. This Asian inspired game draws a TON of influence from other…

First Look

Blade & Soul – First Look Gameplay

Yeah, you’ve had the game in the East for a while now, but let’s jump in and check out what the free-to-play MMORPG from NCSoft…

First Look

Metal Reaper Online – First Look Gameplay

So the graphics may look bad, the localization isn’t well done, and the questing is repetitive…that doesn’t mean a game can’t be fun even if…

First Look

Devilian Online – First Look Gameplay

Trion Worlds is bringing ARPG/MMO Devilian Online to the West and Closed Beta has kicked off. Let’s take a look and see what it brings…

First Look

Block N Load – First Look Gameplay

Jagex’s Block N Load just joined the free to play bandwagon, but does this Minecraft meets shooter game hold up at all? Let’s take a…

First Look

Star Trek: Alien Domain – First Look Gameplay

It’s Star Trek…in a browser…with build timers. Yeah. It’s a short First Look and I’m not even sorry about it. It’s worth sticking around until…

First Look

Dragomon Hunter – First Look Gameplay

Time to catch them all! Wait, wrong game, but basically the same idea. Level your hunter and tame as many monsters as you can in…

First Look

WildStar – First Look Gameplay

Long predicted (and yelled about on the internet), WildStar has finally made the free to play transition. In this First Look, we’ll chat about gameplay…

First Look

Warhammer 40K: Dark Nexus Arena – First Look Gameplay

WhiteBox Interactive has gotten a hold of the Warhammer 40K license and has constructed Dark Nexus Arena, a free to play MOBA that has a…

First Look

Tiny Mighty – First Look Gameplay

Tiny Mighty is exactly what you probably think it is. A browser game that attempts to nickel and dime you to death in every way…

First Look

Otherland – First Look Gameplay

Otherland takes players to a sci-fi setting built around the universe of novelist Tad Williams. How does it hold up though? Being with multiple developers…

First Look

Guild Wars 2 — First Look Gameplay

Guild Wars 2 is now free-to-play! Jason’s been playing the game ever since it launched three years ago, but he created a new account to…

Inspirit Online - First Look Gameplay
First Look

Inspirit Online – First Look Gameplay

Inspirit Online, previously called ELOA, is an anime based MMORPG by ESTA Games that’s free to play and kind of meshes that ARPG clicking experience…

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