Genshin Impact's Second Anniversary Rewards Go Beyond The Free Wishes

Have we forgotten about the upcoming anime?

Aspen Pash
By Aspen Pash, News Editor

Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Rewards

I will be the first to admit that Genshin Impact's Anniversary rewards for 2021 were a flop to say the least. People were adamantly and vocally upset about the abysmal rewards considering they added up to only about 20 free wishes with a few bonus items and events scheduled for the update that followed.

It was because of this reason that not many people were expecting much from Genshin Impact's 2nd-year anniversary rewards, and with the rewards ‘matching’ that of the year before, 20 free wishes and some bonus items, many people were simply 'happy enough.' With expectations already low, it was a bit of a moot point.

However, I for one think that rewards go beyond the scope of free wishes. To start, there is a new pet that will be gifted in-game based on Cloud Retainer, the Adeptus crane that is featured in many Liyue story quests. Then, Genshin announced a new TCG (Trading Card Game) and its new upcoming anime with ufotable. An entire anime dedicated to a series, one that is still relatively new, is huge and in my opinion, is a great anniversary reward.

Personally, I am happy with the rewards, I think Genshin has been working hard outside of just free wishes to create a game that can continue to entertain players for years to come–which is no easy feat. They shower their game with orchestra events, updates, Twitter giveaways, and now a brand new anime–I think Genshin is doing great, but the fan base will sadly always want more. Until Genshin has a formidable opponent in the gacha field, the rewards will continue to be the same year after year.

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Aspen Pash, News Editor

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Discussion (2)

rob876 1 year ago
Well it seems you know nothing about business. The anime is nothing but marketing for themselves. Mihoyo is a terrible company. They know they get huge support from their community, but don't want to give back some love, only the bare minimum

justsomeguy 1 year ago
Back in the 1980s, and 1990s, companies would see making an animated series, as nothing more than long commercials for their toy line. That's what the anime is, advertising for the game, it's not some gift to players. Then if the TCG is a real world thing people buy, then it's just a spin off product, meant to make them more money, again, not some gift to players.

They have always been really stingy with rewards, even when they would win some best of reward from some place, while other game companies would have some mini event, or something in game to celebrate, with Genshit they would at most post a thank-you in their social media accounts, and that's it. Look at the comparison between Genshit, and Honkai, due to lower rates, and worse banner mechanics, it takes on average more, to multiple times more pulls in Genshit to the same kind of results you would in Honkai, but you can get as many, or more pulls per six week update cycle by just playing in Honkai, than you would in Genshit.

I gave up on Genshit the better part of a year ago now, and don't miss it in the least, as it offers really nothing as a game, it's just gacha, wrapped up in a thing that looks sort of like a game.


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