Warframe: Guide to Making Credits – Gold Hunters

Warframe: Guide to Making Credits - Gold Hunters 2

On this episode of Gold Hunters, we give you the lowdown on how to make big money in Warframe. Or should we say credits? Find out what combination of guns, levels, and Warframes you should be running in order to make the most credits for the least amount of time. We hope this guide will help you get rich in Warframe.

To find more about Warframe check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. DonΒ΄t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

Gold Hunters is a show where we show you how to make some gold in your favorite MMOs. We take you behind the scenes and explain where and what you should be doing in order to succeed financially so you can purchase that expensive mount or epic item!


  1. I can’t believe why there’s no ideal games coming out. I like a new game called Age of Wushu, something like a fancy and real action Kung Fu movie. It’s the innovative combat system made the game.

  2. That’s all nice, but it would be even nicer for your non-native-english audience to slow down the speech and try to articulate a bit more :/

  3. BAsically, huge pay outs in CB. OB released a balanced flow of mods and cash, and spoiled CB crying. I have been playing for 3 days, Level 13 everything, everything moded, I have over 45K in credits, more mods and fusion pieces than I know what to do with..I seriously am too rich, and need to sell this crap. The heart of the game, just play the maps, get rewards…nothing but greedy cry babys ‘oooo my credits”. I got about 150 plat…so…it is not needed. I can but whatever with regular credits. I just crafted new weapons, found new weapons, and can purchase whatever war frame….But so far just enjoying trying to solo some stuff. There are bugs. Lots of them, that need tweakin. That is my only complaint

    • Try loosing your credits for 3 months. You won’t be so happy then. I lost millions in credits. Same for many others. You were very lucky to join at the right time to get the 100 extra platinum, normally you start with 50.
      Other then that, yes game is very bugged now with the update 7. Lots of things that were working before, or got fixed, got bugged now; still one of the greatest games out there. Having tons of fun with it.

    • Yea.. I played the CBT, and i loved the new mod system..
      But yea.. there are those that just QQ on the foruns now, because the game got harder, and more team based

  4. am i the only one who thinks that the title gold hunter deserves a rock theme song with some dude screaming the title in that rock way.

  5. Yet another great idea from mmobomb πŸ™‚

    This is going to be a great help to people like me ! – Those who always want the top notch items but can never afford them D: Hope this continues and spreads to other games πŸ™‚

  6. I’m lazy so i’m just gonna copy my YT comment.
    Good idea for a show, really nice. And i love that you picked Warframe, one of my favorite games, but the timing is awful. Update 7 is already 2 days old and changed a lot, including how to make credits. You should have made the video after update 7.

    • Thank you for the feedback Adrian87, we had bad luck with the timing, but weο»Ώ would love to get some opinions on the show and get suggestions or feedback for new episodes.

      • I would love more of this “guide to” videos. Even though this video is a little late, i really liked the idea. I have a lot of fun with Warframe. If you like the game you could make a guide to mods (getting them, upgrading), maybe update guide to making credits, guide to bosses, etc. I noticed you mentioned Alacratha and Trent maybe you guys gonna go some vids together. I’m a WFO fan.
        But depends how you guys wanna go with it. Either take most popular games and make some guides for them, either just make guides for what you guys play.

        By the way, is Matt new to MMOBomb or i just missed his videos? What type of content is he usually gonna do?


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