The Tales of Pirates team recently released a quest guide to help players get their hands on tantalizing gear found in Dream City, the latest Tales of Pirates II expansion. These items include Level 55 bracelets, handguards and belts. PvP battles and perilous instance quests will be a breeze for pirates decked out in these treasures thanks to their excellent stat boosts. Check them out below.

Dream City Level 55 Equipment Stats
Carsise (Champion)
Bracelets: Min. Damage +45, Dodge +3
Handguards:       Agility +3, Accuracy +3
Belt: Luck +3, Speed +3%

Lance, Phyllis (Crusader)
Bracelets: Min. Damage +65, Defense +3
Handguards:       Strength +3, Accuracy +3
Belt: Luck +3, Speed +3%

Phyllis, Ami (Cleric)
Bracelets: Defense +3, Physical Resistance +3
Handguards:       Spirit +4, Accuracy +4
Belt: Max SP +4%, Speed +4%

Phyllis, Ami (Seal Master)
Bracelets: Defense +4, Physical Resistance +4
Handguards:       Spirit +5, Stamina +5
Belt: Max HP +5%, Speed +3%

Lance, Phyllis, Ami (Voyager)
Bracelets: Hit Rate +4, Dodge +4
Handguards:       Stamina +4, Agility +4
Belt: Max HP +5%, HP Recovery Rate +5%

Lance, Phyllis (Sharpshooter)
Bracelets: Hit Rate +4, Physical Resistance +4
Handguards:       Accuracy +5, Agility +5
Belt: Max HP +5%, SP Recovery Rate +5%

Forge these equipment pieces using the brand new Satan gems to customize your very own legendary gear!

GemStat BoostForgeable Item
Anchor of SatanDefense +20Handguards
Might of SatanHP +300Belt
Summoning of SatanSpirit +3Bracelets
Vengeance of SatanAccuracy +3Bracelets
Stormsurge of SatanAgility +3Bracelets


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