In Episode 9 of League of Legends Champions, Shadee takes a look at Mordekaiser, the god of metal. With huge damage and aoe spells, Mordekaiser tears through enemy teams.

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  1. Dont take ghost at mordekaiser its just useless as u want to take ad carry and take penta kill. With flash u are just nuking your enemy hard ( as build with dfg and lich bane for q or void staff if enemy team is tanky ) otherwise take flash and build core 3 items + abyssial, sunfire cape and rabadon for massive damage, tankiness and carrying your team. I recommend build 3 core items ( s boots + will of the ancients / hex and rylai ) and abyssial sceptre, sunfire cape, rabadon.

    Glitch for thoese of you who want to have your first quadra kill !! EASY !!

    I recommend here runes +8.5 Magic Penetration, and full Ability power runes + 21/9/0
    Glitch with morde – Go to top and farm hardly build SORCERER BOOTS > WILL OF THE ANCIENTS > THORNMAIL > FORCE OF NATURE > WARMOG > GUARDIAN ANGEL

    ^ I checked it on almost 50 games ( in 35~ games i had quadra kill – sometimes 2 + in one game ((( the only problem is that with this build u wont kill enemy tank so its really difficulty to take penta )))

  2. oh btw the huehuehue is usually in relation to a video on youtube~


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