It was just by good happenstance that EverQuest Next Landmark became as big of a project as it has, with a now projected 20,000 alpha players, who are considered by SOE‘s Dave Georgeson to be part of the development team by default. With regards to the games direction and original purpose, the new alpha community could be considered a huge contribution to EQN‘s development over all.

Landmark is an explorers paradise inside of a sandbox lovers dream, placing the thrill of adventure inside of an environment completely designed to shape and shift. It started as only a beta release of the tools the development team harnessed to design EQN, but snowballed and morphed into it’s own creative adventure by including a few of your classic PvE elements, such as enemies and loot.

As it was always part of the plan to have player input on designing EverQuest Next, Landmark has given players the ability to create blueprints for the things they design, which could potentially become part of the realm within EverQuest Next. With both player input and the same engine implemented as Planetside 2, there is a lot of potential for some delicious eye-candy in the near future.

Mutliple Founders Packs with different arranged benefits are available for purchase to get you started creating the EQN of the future.

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  1. They paid for to get in there early is the long and the short of it. That would give them a lot more time to get good with the crafting tools and such. Hope they enjoy it 😀 Looks interesting but way too time consuming for me. Almost like a much more attractive minecraft. Looking at some of the amazing stuff that was done in minecraft (with it simplistic graphics) I think this game would have creations that will shock and awe.

  2. So players paying the developer to screw around and develop? what’s next game makers paying players to play the game? lol you alpha buyers got marketed easier than a 2 dollar hooker on the weekend.

  3. to the idiots thinking paying for this alpha was a stupid move.
    Newsflash, this gives us an advantage to when the player market opens up and we make our money back 1-100 fold. The things you can do in this game have been very…. appeasing to me and I hate these kinds of games, I won’t even touch minecraft but… this.. Loving it. Hating the down time but loving it.

    • @Gadur newsflash when the game is launched you have no advantage your back to square one its called a wipe guess you should have read the fine print before being so quick to spend that money. lol

  4. Played alpha yesterday for a few hrs and I must say when this is released it will consume you
    they have given us so many things to do and change to make your own

  5. Almost got tricked into getting Landmark, until I read it was different than EQN and why.
    People who pay to get into alphas are sad, dumb creatures feeding a horrendously greedy beast.

    • Yes, people who pay to dedicate their time to making something better, so that arrogant pricks such as yourself get the most experience out of a game like EQNL, which by the way, ALSO greatly impacts Everquest Next, which I’m sure you obviously didn’t know, since they use the same engine, and same… Well, everything actually.

      Maybe you should try searching for that Ego, which seems to be crammed so far up your ass, and pull it out.

      You know why people make others “Pay” for alpha’s and Beta’s Now? It’s so every dirty turd, such as yourself can’t get in, and it’s dedicated for players who actually like to be a part of testing. AKA not you.

      • You tried to make it sound like paying to play a broken game is a nice thing to do because “dedication” and not because the developers take advantage of dumb ass idiots like yourself, paying to play alphas and betas is stupidly wrong only done by the most moronic minds on this planet.

        “You know why people make others “Pay” for alpha’s and Beta’s Now? It’s so every dirty turd, such as yourself can’t get in, and it’s dedicated for players who actually like to be a part of testing. AKA not you.” <- This just made me laugh so hard, your stupidity has no bounds.

      • @Anon I agree complete idiots. @Humor Do you understand that you are paying them money to allow you to do their job’s for them? I think your just butt hurt cause Anon hit a sore spot on you yes you one of the “dumb ones”. Paying that makes you dumb not dedicated, playing everquest from 1999-present that makes you a dedicated player.

    • so true so many fools get roped into buying early access for a game you have no idea if it is good or just piece of turd , but hey people are stupid and have no patience which companies know that so they take advantage of foolish kids

      easy money for them

      why pay for early access when anything you do gets deleted when it goes to open beta? thats just retarded

  6. SO hard resisting the temptation to buy a founders pack and get into this game.

    Have to keep REMINDING myself that all the stuff I do will be wiped, the game will probably be really buggy and laggy and there wont be much to do besides making stuff.


    Does anyone know if there is an NDA right now? I could at least watch livestreams

  7. what sort of try hard loser just says mounted? its just as bad as the try hards who think saying “first, second ” and nothing is good i dont get it just another loser in the world of mmos

    onto the game i cant wait to play eqn it looks good but if it is using the ps2 engine it could be riddled with the same fps problems and bugs that ps2 has

    • @regris its 2014,you OBVIOUSLY have done little to no research on this game which as stated previously in capital letters is obvious. ps2 engine really you truly think that lol? Hi were sony online entertainment yes the same sony with the ps4 that once again makes Bills Gates look like a noob. Were gonna make a game that defines the next 15 yrs of gaming using ps2 graphics…….(sarcasm at it’s finest)


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