GameNGame’s free-to-play manga and anime-based MMO Record of Lodoss War Online receives a new content update today. For fans of PvE content, this one sounds fairly decent. It includes a level cap increase to 120 and a 40-player raid. It also makes some fixes to dungeons and labyrinths.

The 40-man raid is a mission that adds 4 normal difficulty and 2 hard difficulty dungeons. A group consisting of up to (but apparently not requiring) 40 players can work together to defeat the raid’s boss. Team work is important.

Another feature of note arriving in this update is the new Mercenary system which grants players the ability to hire characters from the game to fight with them. Fans of the original source material will recognize some of these mercenaries — who are being implemented in the game just for this feature. These characters are collectible, adding a bit more depth to the game.

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  1. “the slow walking and boring questing is so unappealing”

    for you maybe. for us who into old style gameplay like this, this is heaven. not everyone want cumbersome ui with clutter mess text with statistic plastered all over your screen like wow you know.

    game like ultima, everquest or runescape is still populated and crowded for reason.

    • I don’t know about the others, but for me this game didn’t feel old school at all. It just felt like a browser game made by amateurs. Games like Path of Exile and Dark Souls show what modern “old style gameplay” looks like, not this. This is just poorly made.

  2. 40 man raid added to a 0 player game, that will not end well for them. the game is cute and retro but the gameplay is like it’s from 1990s (the combat isn’t too bad but the slow walking and boring questing is so unappealing)


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