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Elder Scrolls Online is shining a spotlight on one of the many creative aspect of the ESO community; a community-run housing competition run by guild leaders Sorries and Hachiko. Together the pair run regular in-game housing competitions for PC-NA/PC-EU that showcase the creativity and whimsy of the ESO community.

The pair first started putting together these housing competitions back in March 2020 when Sorries first took over as Guild Leader. The organization for these showcases are mainly done through a Discord channel where other members can leave their suggestions on contest themes and vote on their favorite entries. The group is said to be very community-focused from start to finish.

When the pair were asked what drives ESO players to create such extraordinary builds, Sorries began with “I think it’s a creative outlet for a lot of people. There are also plenty of players who like to make houses for reasons other than just decoration, such as creating a house for roleplaying or an arena for PvP tournaments.” Hachiko added on by saying, “Housing in ESO is a chance to dream up a new world, where the only limit is our creativity!” After each contest, the group usually receives a wave of new members along with messages of people filled with inspiration to then create their own builds.

The full interview of the community-run housing competition can be found on Elder Scrolls Online’s site. There, players can see a wide range of creative house designs that could lead to anyone's own housing inspiration.

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