Aeria Games announced it has acquired ijji Games LLC, a popular free-to-play online gaming portal, from NHN Corporation as part of a strategic agreement that gives Aeria Games the first right with preferential treatment to publish NHN online games worldwide outside of Asia. Under the terms, Aeria Games also received a financial investment from NHN to further fuel growth as a global MMO market leader. The agreement boosts the company’s fast growing player base to over 35 million unique users worldwide while adding complementary titles including the popular shooters Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A.) and Soldier Front to Aeria Games’ robust portfolio of free-to-play games for mid- to hard-core players.

Aeria Games is a global publisher in producing high quality online free-to-play games in North America, Latin America, and Europe. The company publishes titles that cater to players looking for a deeper and more immersive multiplayer experience with active community support. Aeria Games hosts a diverse and rapidly growing portfolio of over 30 critically-acclaimed MMO titles spanning action, roleplaying, shooter, real time strategy, and racing games. The company is recognized for standout games including the MMO Eden Eternal, the popular MMORPG Shaiya, the supernatural MMOFPS Wolf Team, the expansive strategy game Golden Age and the upcoming action shooter Repulse.

“The acquisition of ijji Games further enhances our market leader position in the rapidly consolidating free-to-play sector of mid- and hard-core gaming,” said Lan Hoang, Chief Executive Officer, Aeria Games. “In addition to outstanding new content such as the popular A.V.A. and Soldier Front games and other quality titles from NHN going forward, NHN’s investment—which is our first external funding—will provide resources to facilitate our continuing growth and business expansion in multiple areas.”

With 300 employees worldwide, the California-based company continues to invest in emerging markets such as Latin America, Eastern Europe and Russia while growing its active community in the US and Western Europe. With its focus on first-person shooters, ijii Games adds over 10 million hard-core gamers to Aeria Games’ publishing platform for a combined user base consisting of over 35 million unique power players. Using advanced analytics and committed worldwide customer support, Aeria Games is able to bring quality games to market quickly with full local language support. In turn, Aeria Games’ community fuels development with extended play sessions and in-game purchase levels that are much higher than those yielded by typical online and social network games.

With content partnerships from top game companies such as Electronic Arts and NHN, as well as a host of independent developers from around the world, Aeria Games continues to add high-quality content to its portfolio. The publishing organization offers developers all the necessary tools—from a large established player base, a single virtual currency, data warehouse and analytics, optimized payment options, to local marketing and customer service—to quickly and efficiently distribute games to key fast growing Western markets. As consolidation continues in the dynamic free-to-play sector, Aeria Games will utilize the additional resources from NHN to strengthen its position as a truly device-agnostic platform for mid- to hard-core gamers by expanding its content and platform offerings and growing its international footprint.

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. For more information on Aeria Games, visit


    • no way
      area games bought A.V.A and this happened
      hackers from 10 went up to 1000
      few glitches fixed
      few new map
      and few new guns
      now you cant play games because of hackers like all other area games

    • Yeah because a “Gaming Portal” with mainly one popular game ( A.V.A ) joining a comparably more popular company will makes it loose players?? Yep, suuuuurrree….. xD

  1. I got a question, what will happen to our ijji accounts? I mean, will we lose them, I’ve got my Aeria Games account banned and I wouldn’t like to lose my ijji account too.

  2. Lol yeh, I also first started with Ijji games, and simply moved on to Aeriagames because Ijji cash shops were overpriced and the only real game I played there was AVA. Yep, I hope cash shop items become cheaper now seeing as how Aerigames has taken over.

  3. Ijji to me died after they lost Huxley, AERIA GET US HUXLEY PLEASE!!!! also do a way better job then that second rate “Gaming portal” ever could.

  4. Yes! I’ve been with Ijji for awhile years ago then switched over to Aeriagames for a few more years now, more player base on their games is likely now and localizing games will be faster! Yeah! lime oddyssey might come out even faster!

  5. oh gunster, how ijji didn’t take care of you as hackers raped you to death, then became trashed after the community left because of all the hackers..

  6. I started my f2p journey with ijji, seeing them dwindle over the years has been a little painful :p. Meh, it’s probably for the best that they join/merge/getboughtupby(etc) with aeria.


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