Just over a month after the start of open beta, Renaissance Heroes has now been deemed officially “live” in both North America and Europe.

The transition into release was accompanied by a new content patch which includes a new playable character called Sika who wears what looks to be a cross between a wizard outfit and jester pants. A new domination mode was introduced along with two new maps called Graveyard and Aqueduct, whose names certainly leave no room for imagination as to what they may entail.

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  1. this game is a quake like game. Today people play call of duty and hide around objects and pop out and shoot. I grew up on the fast pace shooters where you die a lot and blow stuff up. This game I will download and try

  2. The game is really basic and isn’t even better than the original unreal tournament. Should of expected that because of the company that made it. It’s also one of those games where your weapons only last for a few days. Sorry, but I just can’t stand losing all my progression because I have better things to do than dedicate my life into a game.

  3. I’m not finding anything special coming from it, don’t get me wrong you can have some fun in it but for me it’ll only be like a 10-15 minute filler maybe once a day.

    If gameplay isn’t amazing then I expect cracking graphics……….doesn’t deliver.

  4. Renaissance Italy, refreshing atmosphere, classical Doom and Quake gameplay, can I ask 4 more ?
    Actually I can – 3 person option bit its good any way.
    Any way, cant stand more modern warfare and Sci Fi shooters.

  5. I played this game and I am very dissapointed I expected something more em…. its too hard for the newbies to play its too fast paced.

      • GRO was a great game, pales to comparison of the actual console games, but still a great game in its own stand alone world, Gotham City Imposters is a fun fast shooter based upon that of Team Fortress 2, as in play style and art style, it has some added bonuses like a better loadout building system. I feel ugurano hated those two games(which he is completely entitled too) because he could not excel in it as he could Quake, or this game right here. For those of you who feel that the game sucks, try changing your tactics when you play, this isnt COD, this isnt Quake3, this isnt even Team Fortress 2, play it as a completely new game, do the tutorials, play a few rounds thinking as a newb and when you feel you have the hang of it, go at it full force, if you continue the way you did before, which got you killed, change it up!

  6. The Closed Beta was great but now…They reduced the game speed. They reduced melee attack speed. no bomb pick ups with ammopacks. All the fun things are gone but simple problems like many of us told them (like sometimes if u attack with ur melee weapon, u hear the attack sound and u may hit someone but the attack frame is missing. Counfusing as hell…) they couldnt get ride off. Some of you will for sure enjoy this game but for me, its not anymore the game i did enjoy back in CBT.
    Back to Quake again…

  7. Yeah.. Everything in this game screams Quake III arena which is now called Quake Live.. Amazing how pimp I am at this game compared to games like CoD…

  8. I played it during the beta, it was fun, but unfortunately it was too lagy , hopefully the issue would be a past with this new live release.
    Looking forward to it.
    It does seem too fast paced, but when you play it, its really addictive and not as fast paced as it seems.


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