Age of Wushu just turned 7 in China, and Snail Games is celebrating with a big update that introduces the new Tian Shan Sect school. According to MMO Culture, who did the translation leg work and everything — this will be the last of the 10 proper schools in the game.

The Tian Shan can be recognized easily due to their white uniforms and swords, as well as their skill with the element of ice.

Unfortunately, MMOC seems skeptical that we’ll ever see this update in English. But, for those of you interested, you can check out the trailer below.

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  1. Sadly enough this game not that popular in NA/EU regions to celebrate anything except it’s closure. All the players left in game are sitting in town trading books/food and other useful crap. Areas are empty..maybe 2-3 PKs running loose and no player-guards to catch them.

    P.S.Maybe I should try CN server to see how the game looks when it’s alive.

    • P.P.S. In the beginning and in the end they show samurai and ninjamurai speaking in Japanese [with Chinese subs]. Is that a tip one update after this update in which they plan to add Japanese samurai into Chinese Martial Arts game?
      I am very sorry, but samurai don’t fly around thus they’d be pretty outbalanced by all Chinese schools.
      Or…can it be a way to discriminate Japanese?


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