Fall has arrived in Aion, and the Candy Galaxy Corporation is celebrating with Pumpkin Ghoulash — which I guess might be better than it sounds? Either way, the Pumpkin King isn’t really big on this whole eating pumpkins stuff so he’s stolen all of them. (Sounds about right.)

This is where you come in. Your mission, should you choose to accept it and are over level 65, is to retrieve the stolen pumpkins and exchange them for rewards. The Great Pumpkin King will be hiding in Archdaeva solo and group instances, so there will be plenty of opportunities to locate him and get some of those pumpkins back.

Players level 65 and up can also pick up a special goody back from the Candy Queen. You’ll find her disguised as a cat.

For lower level players, there’s something to do as well. Players who have hit at least level 10 can track down large candles placed in capital cities and use them to summon an Elegant Coffin that will grant them a 400% XP boost and a 100% drop boost.

More information on all of these activities can be found on the Aion site.

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