It hasn’t taken long for some drama to pop up around Aion Classic. In fact, it took hours for complaints of the game being pay-to-win popping up on the game’s forums, Reddit, and elsewhere. While there are complaints about a variety of things, including that Aion Classic is basically classic Aion, the common thread in all the posts is the impact the candies available in the shop are having on the game.

Currently, players can purchase ten boxes of candies (containing 30 each) for a total of 450 quna — which equates to about $11. These candies can be sold for 100k Kinah (the in-game currency) each, meaning players can obtain about 3 million Kinah for spending $11. Of course, since there’s a big focus on PvP in the game, the concern here is that $11 will easily put those players ahead of those not dropping the cash.

The Aion team has responded to these concerns. Although as of just under a day ago, the message is that the player feedback is being taken to the developers and that they’ll decide what’s best for the game. The post also references an issue with the candy in the Korean version of the game in which players were able to sell it for three times the amount, and notes that that issue is not what’s happening here.

So, it seems this is going to be one of those ‘wait and see’ things. It is worth noting that some players aren’t bothered with this particular issue at all. However, that may change once the launch week period is over and free-to-play players have their Siel’s Aura benefits limited to one hour a day. At that point, not only will XP and Kinah gain from combat and quests drop beyond that hour, but players will also not be able to use the auction house or set up shops. Crafting and gathering will be restricted as well.

On another note, if you’re purchased a gender change ticket due to not being able to dual-wield on a female character, NCSoft will be refunding that and granting a free ticket to change your gender back if you want to.

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  1. This is NCsoft we’re talking about here, did people really think they wouldn’t put stuff like that in the cash shop? Anyhow, I gave up on that company years ago, closest I’d come to it, is Guild Wars 2.

  2. To be honest, I didn’t know anything about this candy stuff till I saw this article. Nevertheless, I’m not affected by whatever advantage it gives to those who buy it. My gameplay remains the same.

    • It really won’t when a dude has 100 times your money and can outkit you in less than a quarter of your gametime.

    • Yeah, on the Free to Play Cast we posted yesterday, we kind of said the same thing, that this may be a VERY vocal minority thing.


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