NCSoft launched a dungeon boost event in Aion Online earlier this month, offering players double the rewards for participating in them. But, it appears that some players weren’t able to participate, not being the right level and all, so now the developer is hosting a leveling event to help those players out.

The level 80 boost event will run alongside the dungeon event, with both ending on April 7. Effectively, the event allows any players with at least a level 10 character on their account to create a new level 80 character. To achieve this, NCSoft has activated the Character Jump System, which can be accessed via a button on the Character Select screen. The boosts can’t be used on existing characters, so those wanting to take advantage will just have to roll a new one whether they want to or not.

Once the new character is created, players will spawn either in Inggison or Gelkmaros (depending on faction) with equipment and items already provided in their inventory.

On a side note, make sure when you create your level 80 that it’s what you want, as you can’t delete one and get the character jump option back if you make a mistake.

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