That’s right! NCSoft’s free to play MMORPG Aion has turned six years old in North America. To mark the occasion, NCSoft will be hosting a number of in game celebrations, including a birthday cake in your capital city where lighting one of three different candle types that grant stacking buffs that can triple experience, triple drop rates, or grant 2,000 DP and increase spell speed.

Other perks that will run for the next two weeks include:

  • Instance Portals – Access Seized Danuar Sanctuary, Anguished Dragon Lord’s Refuge, and Occupied Rentus Base with a quick visit to the capital cities.
  • Double Prestige Crystals – Prestige Pack holders earn Prestige Crystals twice as fast, doubling the amount you earn every 20 minutes.
  • Enchantment Buff – During the event period, enchanting armor and weapons will also receive the benefit of only losing one enchantment level should the enchantment fail past +10.
  • Hidden Cakes – The not so hidden cakes are all over Atreia. If you come across a cake during your adventures, open it for (1) Aion’s Gift Box.
  • In Game GM Event – Members of the Aion team will be in game on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 to celebrate the anniversary with our dearest Daevas. Details for the event will be available later.
  • And Facebook and Twitter Contests
  • Take a look at the full news post for more details.

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    1. But does anyone truly care anymore? Well aside from asians and kusoge junkies..

      Maybe some of those poor souls just don’t know any better..


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