When you’ve got a free-to-play MMORPG known for giant PvP battles and wide-open gameplay, the obvious next step is … smaller maps with solo-able content, right?

That’s the primary thrust of the 2020 roadmap for Albion Online, featuring the Roads of Avalon. These are mystical paths that allow for only a small number of players to pass through them, allowing you to travel “deep into the Outlands, avoiding the ganking at city portals altogether.” The mists also allow smaller guilds to establish settlements away from the more competitive larger guilds.

For players wanting even more isolation — to a degree — the update will add Corrupted Solo Dungeons, non-linear dungeons infested by creatures taken over by demons from Hell. While focusing on PvE content, including a final confrontation with the demon responsible for the mess, players can also “invade” one another’s dungeons for a 1v1 PvP encounter.

A wave of combat balance adjustments, economic changes, and UI improvements are also slated for the update, while long-term, big-picture thinking has Sandbox Interactive focusing on “improving the Royal continent and the faction warfare experience,” while work on the mobile version of the game proceeds apace. You can read the entire roadmap letter from the game director on the Albion Online forums.

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  1. Devs should recognize that even MMOs need single player content these days. Sometimes people want to get time away from other people while playing.


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