Albion Online has an issue with “one very dedicated and technically skilled cheater” who’s making effective use of speed hacks. You can see the results of his dodgy dodging in multiple videos posted to Reddit, such as the one below, spotted by and Massively Overpowered.

This is apparently an ongoing problem in the game (as are players making real-money transactions). Such accounts are automatically banned by developer Sandbox Interactive as quickly as possible, but, seeing as how Albion is a free-to-play game, the hacker can simply create a new account and start over.

The official Albion Reddit account responded to the reports on Reddit, saying that it saw hacking reports spike about two weeks ago and “immediately started working on improving our technical countermeasures.” These will be implemented on live servers ASAP, but only after they’ve been properly tested to make sure they don’t accidentally ban non-cheating players.

The first response to that comment asks a salient question for a game with full corpse looting like Albion: “Someone asked me today if people killed by cheaters get items restored?” There’s no word on that yet, but it seems unlikely that the developers will be able to single out the relatively small number of players who have been affected by the hacker(s).

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