After shutting down in 2018 and coming back briefly under a slightly modified name in 2019 only to be shut down again, Alliance of Valiant Arms is once again making a return under its new owner, Neowiz. It’s not available to play just yet, but those interested in getting back to the shooter shouldn’t have too long to wait. The developer/publisher plans to officially relaunch the game on Steam at the end of March.

For those unfamiliar with the game, it launched in Korea in 2007 and later in the West in 2009. During its first run in the West it went through three different publishers: ijji, Aeria Games, and En Masse Entertainment, before shutting down in 2018. The game’s developer attempted to bring it back in 2019 as the self-published title Alliance of Valiant Arms: DOG TAG. That lasted less than a month — from May 2 to May 29 — and never made it out of open beta. It did make it a bit longer in Taiwan, closing on July 30, 2019 and China, where it shuttered on September 25, 2019.

When the game returns, it will feature three different classes, over 30 maps and six mods. The mods will allow players to create their own missions for themselves and their friends. As with many shooters, there’s also a weapons customization system.

Currently, Neowiz plans to release AVA on Steam on March 31. Of course, we’ll find out how that goes when we get closer to that point. If you’re interested in keeping track of what’s going on between now and then, there is a Facebook page you can follow.

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  1. I think this launch will be a failure, because it will be the same outdated game running on Unreal Engine 2.5.

    The graphics are bad, the movement is clunky, the gunplay is clunky and outdated, the game is riddled with P2W and Gacha mechanics and worst of all – due to the outdated engine, it’s full with cheaters.

    This version will launch with the P2W to the brim and cheaters to the brim from 1st day of launch.

    I loved that game and played it almost religiously between 2010 and 2015, spent over 9,000 hours into it and even dropped out of university because of it… xD

    But let’s be real now – the game has not evolved at all since 2015 when I stopped playing, in fact it was already starting to devolve sometime around 2013. They started removing old, good maps from the game, revamped old maps for absolutely no reason, they revamped the main menu UI and changed the iconic music, a lot of old weapons were removed and a lot of joke new weapons that were completely garbage were introduced. A lot of new maps with stupid design and layout were introduced and were enforced in place of old ones that were either changed and butchered or outright completely removed like Chromite, Castle Rock, Black Scent and Hell Hound.

    The launch is going to be a massive failure and if the game even gets 2,000 players on launch, they will eventually drop below 1,000 soon after and it will remain like this until Neowiz see this game is a sinking ship and just shuts it down forever… or lets it die slowly forever.

    • My thoughts exactly, Uncle Crimbo. I kinda feel bad for those who are excited for this game’s return. Do they really think it’s going to better, somehow? It’s just going to be the same as it was under Aeria, En Masse, and Redduck, or worse. I want to be excited and love AvA again, but I don’t think I can. It’s a shame AvA turned out this way and never got remade / remastered and tried to recapture its glory days how it was under ijji, the better version, the one we all really want, the one we all came to know and love.


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