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Allods Online’s next major update — New Order — will be available March 31, and in conjunction with that players can now pick up a digital Collector’s Edition of the game. Interestingly, this special edition comes years after the game launched.

The new CE will run players about $50 and offers two new pets, a new uniform, and a variety of other items — including 2000 premium crystals. If you don’t have $50 to spend, you can pick up the “Starting Kit” which includes a pet and some other items for a bit under $20.

Full details on the CE are available on the Allods Online site. No patch notes for the update are listed yet.

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  1. The only reason why i dont play this game more is the p2w aspect,other then that its an awesome game.(and keep in mind that you can buy premium currency in-game)
    It has some of the hardest and at the same time most fun raids i ever seen.
    Most people that say game is bad never reached end game , when the fun starts and the pay wall hits you in the nuts.

  2. A couple of things I really don’t like about the game:

    1. The world is broken into islands floating into the nothingness
    2. People are flying spaceships that look like regular ships
    3. The Feudal Slavic and Communist theme of the game is really pissing me off, because I live in a country that every damned building was built with Communist architecture from the 50s. It’s ugly, it’s depressing and I don’t want to play a game where I have to look at the same 5hit I have to look at every day IRL.

    Oh yeah, and the game has horrible mechanics and even if you put the Russian theme aside, the game is really retarded.

  3. Wow, I thought this game was on the death row (it probably is). I tried to like this game (because of the astral ships) multiple times, but it was no fun, nothing at all. After the large revamp of the classes and airship combat most of its core playerbase left, the game is almost empty, the pvp competitions and the few dungeons it has are unreachable because of it. At the early levels there are too many quests, one gets over their levels easily, while from mid level, one should start grinding large ammount of mobs to get to the next level. The controls, the combat, the graphics are all outdated, the only interesting things are the ships. But sadly, at least 3 people is needed to properly handle a ship and I was playing alone, therefor I couldn’t get far with it, but it was quite disappointing anyway: awesome sights but boring combat. And I forgot to mention the P2W buff system it has…


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