Is Apex Legends running out of gas? SuperData’s market report for April lists most of the usual subjects in its top 10 lists for PC, console, and mobile, and nowhere to be found is Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale title. It earned an estimated $24 million for the month, which isn’t too bad, but is barely a quarter of the $92 million it brought in during its debut month of February.

Plenty of other familiar free-to-play games make the top 10 list on PC (League of Legends at #1, Fortnite at #5, World of Tanks at #6, Hearthstone at #9 and CS:GO at #10), while Fortnite (#2) is the sole F2P entry on the console list.

Hearthsone is specifically called out as having another down quarter, down 37% year-over-year, despite releasing a new expansion at the start of the month. It’s still doing better than Apex, apparently, which has to concern Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts.

You can read the April 2019 digital games market report on the SuperData website.


  1. What a surprise! Another stupid Battle Royale gets old a few months after release…. nobody saw that coming…


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