“The Dragons of Ashfall” saga has hit AdventureQuest 3D on Steam, bringing with it a level cap raise to 16 and a new patch in DoomWood leading to Ashfall.

In Ashfall, players will find the DragonSlayers readying themselve for the hunt. They’ll need to earn the respect of these would be hunters to join their ranks — and avoid being taken down by the myriad of dangers that await.

In addition to the new area, the update will also add “Dage’s Underworld Challenge”, which can be accessed by talking to a skeleton chilling near the fountain in Battleon.

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  1. I’ve also read they plan to port some more of their old rares and random items from AQWorlds to AQ3D like original darkcaster armor it’s not confirmed but they are in the talks about it. It really feels like a AQW but a 3d version of it in my opinion. Other then that I love the game and the event just wish they would make a windows 10 store version of it so I don’t have to rely on steam.

    • Windows 10 is a dead on a arrival business. Their only partners are the guys making Sea of Thieves and Motiga making Gigantic. Only other games that get updates are Gameloft games.

      Don’t count on it.

    • I’m sure the windows store business will improve somewhat in the near future like after 2020 with games and other apps. But windows 10 isn’t a dead OS it may be a hated OS but I guarantee it isn’t a dead OS it just needs time but I wouldn’t recommend using it as a personal OS it just feels more like a gaming OS then more of an actual computer in my opinion. They even preinstall minecraft and candycrush apps on it not everyone likes minecraft and candycrush I know I don’t.

      • They preinstall Candy Crush and Minecraft kinda like they preinstalled Pinball and Minesweeper in Windows XP. All OSes come with some shitty games, even most Linux distros do.

      • Well yeah obviously since they want people to use their services even though most people don’t want them forced on them. I don’t see AQ3D coming to steam or in any other form for PC but I won’t use this on my steam account I don’t want them on my steam for personal reasons I rather have them on a account that isn’t linked through my steam library.

      • Oops when I said I don’t see AQ3D coming to steam I made a mistake I already know it’s on steam. I ment I don’t see it coming in any other form on the PC platform my bad.


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