ArcheAge 2 Shifting From Large-Scape PvP To Story-Driven PvE Content For Western Audience

Out here in the West, we like to play our action combat MMORPGs on consoles and by ourselves apparently.

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Sorry, PvP fans! And congratulations, PvE’ers!

According to a recent Kakao Games Earning Release call, ArcheAge 2 is distancing itself from large-scale PvP to cater specifically to Western console players. (Skip to 41:30 for the English translation.) The focus shifts towards story-driven PvE content, embracing the Western market's preference for action-packed, single-player console experiences. That being said, Guild versus Guild (GvG) PvP centered around trade runs will be a thing.

The MMORPG's emphasis on single-player content includes strategically capturing strongholds through non-targeting actions (meaning action combat). Players can operate through small parties and guilds, collaborating on dungeon runs and trading specialized goods. The campaign mode sees conflicts between guilds involved in trade and those seeking sabotage/plunder.

While the game was initially slated for a full release by the end of the year, there’s a delay, with a Closed Beta Test scheduled for 2024.

More on ArcheAge 2 will be revealed at Gamescom 2024.

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