Break out your air gliders, because ArcheAge has finally officially launched for everyone! After having a rocky headstart for founder members, which saw servers brought to their knees due to DDoS attacks and fervent players attempting to log in, Trion has since recovered and even added two new servers ahead of today’s launch in anticipation of the usual influx of new players.

Coinciding with today’s launch, Trion has released an official launch trailer for ArcheAge, which -gasp- isn’t CGI. The trailer highlights some of ArcheAge’s more emergent gameplay moments, you know the ones outside of just carrying a trade pack across two continents, only to be ganked for your pack upon arrival. A side-effect of ArcheAge’s PvP-only servers.

Have you managed to get some playtime in post-release? If so, be sure to tell us what your experience with the MMO has been in the comments below.

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  1. SAC UP! if your not into pvp then bugger on down the road to another mmo. this is the game for big boys and if u dont have your big boy pants then you wont make it in this game. jk you can totally farmville in safe zones and never leave. provided your on a newer server where lands still available. oh wait… will that mean i wont have good endgame pvp? nope you will have good endgame pvp why? because those ques on every server that were over 3000 those players ain’t puttin up with ques’s like that. guess where they went? thats right. to the newer servers. so hop your ass in here and get touched on the pvp-ness cuz its archeage time you little btches!!!! muahhaahha

  2. Basicly a Silkroad with better graphic engine, few tricks here and there but nothing like next gen, quests are still basic get 5 of these, kill 10 of those, talk to this npc, talk to that npc… boring.

  3. Yup im with you lot on this, what a big ballzup this has been downloaded almost a week ago managed to log in twice.i will avoid it for now i think and look for some thing else

  4. Is it worth playing? I mean im not looking forward on spending any money but is it worth playing here anyway? And is it popular? Like, how much people are playign here? A million or so would do it, right?

  5. Avoid at all costs, I put faith in Trion managing to get this right but they are using every tactic possible to bully gamers into vip subs including the fake queue routine that blizzard invented to hype expansions even further. Don’t waste any time on them, They go on my list of companies to avoid at all costs next to sega after this one.

  6. ARCHEAGE had the worst possible release i witnessed to, and Trion as its EU publisher treats its customers like sheep.

    Avoid Archeage for now, utterly unviable for play game, even if you somehow log on, you san still get error on launcher ,even if you dont, you can still get error in cinematic/menu, even if you dont, you must wait for queue for 1-8hours, even if you wait, they might just disconnect you and back into the loop you go.

    Not to speak about ridiculous amounts of bots, hacking, instability and poorly consieved labor game system.
    Even graphics were not as good as expected.

  7. If your going to play this game make sure its with friends you know. Everyone just about in this game is out to get you if your not in a group you will be ganked beyond measure.

  8. “The trailer highlights some of ArcheAge’s more emergent gameplay moments, you know the ones outside of just carrying a trade pack across two continents, only to be ganked for your pack upon arrival.”

    I warned you all of this in every single ArcheAge news post I saw.
    That is only the beginning of you being ganked.
    Questing? Ganked
    Farming? Ganked
    Exploring? Ganked
    Castles? Ganked
    Ganking? Ganked

  9. best f2p so far for me. you dont have to cough up real money to own stuff. you just need to know how to earn money and buy the certificates from other players.

    • Actually its quite low , since most que i get is 3000 and i wait half hour- 1hour for 3000 people to leave , witch means there are not that much in eighter .

  10. This game is going to be mainly for the PVP community. Yes you can craft/farm/or whatever else there is to do. But when it comes down to actual game play later one. It’s all PVP. Even your own faction can kill you and also even steal your crops if they are not protected by your scarecrow. I’m not saying the game is bad, just saying it’s mainly PVP. Almost every set of quests in each town/quest hub are exactly the same. Go kill/get this # of items/mobs. So it does get boring quick if you choose to quest only.

    Like I said, not a bad game..just not a game for me. And I paid the $150, haha.

  11. Meh. Tying the owning of ANY sort of land to the subscription kind of killed the optimism I had for this game. I hope it does well though.


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