The ArcheAge lawsuit saga may finally be coming to a close. As you’ll recall, when Trion Worlds launched the game in 2014, it came with the promise of a 10% discount for Patrons in its cash shop, which was instead replaced with a 10% bonus on purchases of cash-shop currency. That didn’t go over well with some players, who filed a class-action lawsuit against Trion regarding the matter — and the legality of ArcheAge’s loot boxes, to boot.

Fast-forward a few years and Trion is no more, gamigo owns ArcheAge, and the lawsuit has been … resolved? That’s the impression that many ArcheAge players (and former players) seem to have. MassivelyOP reports that they’ve been receiving emails that point them toward the official claims website, which gives them the option of submitting a claim to receive a part of a settlement fund of $420,000. This offer applies to players who purchased supply crates or Patron status prior to Oct. 22, 2018.

It’s notable that, while the reneged 10% discount is at the heart of this settlement, it’s also the case that aggrieved players are being potentially reimbursed for loot box purchases. It’s taken nearly six years to get to this point, so I’d say it’s more likely that we’ll see legislation or self-imposed measures by the gaming industry before we see someone else get a lawsuit-fueled refund for loot box purchases, but the notion has to at least weigh on the backs of developers’ minds.


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