The image above is taken directly from the Archeage official website and was posted on June 25th, 2014. Notice the line that says “10% discount on Marketplace purchases (available after launch)?” Many players did and used that discount as a way to seal their decision to become a monthly patron of the free-to-play MMORPG.

Fast forward to now, post launch, and many patrons are upset that this discount still hasn’t been enabled. Yeah, maybe the wording on when the feature would be available is a little sloppy. “After launch” could certainly mean ANY time after launch of course, but most gamers just assumed this meant that the discount would not be available during the beta but would be a launch feature.

Obviously that isn’t the case though as the lack of a discount to this day has caused a bit of a ruckus in the playerbase. What’s Trion Worlds have to say about it?

Massively’s Jef Reahard got the scoop directly from the publisher:

“When we were initially deciding on the benefits for Patron status, one thing we really liked was the idea of a 10% Marketplace discount being a part of the package. We knew that the store functionality around doing so (percent discounts) was a stretch goal for the developer, and we saw this as a feature that would be added “after launch” which is how it’s been described on the patron page. Unfortunately, that brief wording led many to believe we meant “at launch”.

As such, we’ve been working with the developer to find a good answer for players in the interim, and continue working on it. Getting this resolved in the most generous way possible remains extremely important to us and in the spirit of transparency we’d rather confirm that we’re still on it rather than go silent on the subject.

We are currently working with XLGAMES to come up with a solution to implement the 10% discount or an equivalent. We can’t promise exactly how this bonus for Patrons will be implemented yet, but we can say it will be retroactive. This is an important topic to both Trion and XLGAMES and we won’t let up till we have a solution.”

It should also be noted that this discount is not advertised on the current official page for patron data and purchases.


Have you been looking for this discount, too? Does the answer satisfy you or does it sound like a bit of a “passing of the buck” so to speak? Let us know!

Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. I was super looking forward to archage but what made me quit was the labour point, income vs the cost of mining and such…. i watched most live steams and such and about 1000 times they said oh you can level from 0 to 50 just by crafting, yes but this is only the case if you have been logged on for hours to get labour points [yes not the case for states players, since you get some while offline. I will return to the game if they ever fix that [simple raise that by 1 for both ps and free. [My plan was to, get my self to 20 then craft the rest of the way, maybe 2hours a day crafting], but i need to be logged on for like 10 hours, to be able to craft for 2 [1 rock = 10 labour, i get 60 an hour,,, that is 6 rocks……. really and its called F2P don’t think so. Once i had my skills up, and my level 50, i would of gladly paid for Ps, and most likely for a few years but this small thing that, i can’t do what i want in this game even to a basic level, unless i sub has made it not worth it.

  2. the hell is that trion hate? their Trove is cool, Rift is one of the best f2p MMO titles out there if not the best, Defiance is cool as well. Gosh the amount of narrow minded people. oh wait, hello internet.
    They just did a bad business with AA as mentioned above.

    • you are sorta right yet wrong if trion was a great publisher they would have not supported that half assed f2p model on archage that other versions have. maybe they were forced to use this model by contract or they were completly lazy noone will know. but with the other games they are doing a good job with it.

  3. AA is a BS to me.Old game graphics,lags like hell,+ i dont want to pay 100+ euro for some crap that not worth it. The devs need to play Blade and Soul so they may know how the REAL nextgen game looks like!!!

  4. Why would you be dumb enough to trust Trion is beyond me. This game is living off false hype and will crash and burn like many of their other titles.

  5. I’ve been playing it and yea Seems like Trion would have been better off buying full ownership of the title for the western market so they could have tweaked it to there form of a model that would please the players along with making changes alot easier to be made for the game trion has admitted in several statements even though not straight forwardly admitting that they are not to thrilled about the current state of the labor system in the game.

  6. Hey Magicman! Glad to see your still around. I don’t frequent this site much since you kinda stepped down. I miss the videos you use to do.

    As far as ArcheAge, Trion and XL Games…. I have stepped back from this game right now, there is just too much about the game that leaves me wanting more. The UI is a big clumsy mess that is dated and leaves little flexibility for the user, the hacking and exploits with the botters and even the players leaves a sour taste in ones mouth, the game is a far cry from being a real Sandbox (very disappointed with that misrepresentation), the world just feels empty in so many parts (i.e. cities and towns) and I got sick of the “virtual projects” you are corralled into for farming and housing.
    The world is a beautiful place and the water/ships are fun…. but I just kept waiting for more.

  7. I was dumb enough to purchase the archeage alpha for $150. I ended up not liking the game but one thing I realized dealing with trion worlds is they are all about money. They are not unique in this but they are blatant enough about it I will never touch another one of their games. I like models like League of Legends where the game comes first, or at least they put a good show on to make you think it does.

    • This is patently false. Since making Rift free-to-play, the only thing you can’t do is play some of the newest souls without purchasing them. There are cosmetics and junk you can buy, but not a damn thing is required to play every bit of content in the game.

      • I don’t know about you and not requiring to pay anything since Rift went F2P. I have played Rift and I could not sell my stuff on auction house without coughing out real currency to unlock that feature. So your claim that nothing is required is actually false. After 2 months of playing and getting to about lvl 45, I uninstalled my game and never looked back. I gave ArchAge a chance and when I saw this typical “pay to use AH” wall, I uninstalled the game again and never looked back. Since then I won’t touch any of Trions games and any future product.

        • Hmm if i’m not wrong, you can buy something called PEX to get credits and then unlock the AH at the same time, since it counts as a purchase. it costs about 1500p though.

          • I’ll correct this for you, you can literally get EVERYTHING in the marketplace with ingame gold including patron. You can buy APEX in the auction house for about 50g two of those (i think) gets you enough credits to get patron. I dont know of any other game that does this… i dont think their greedy they just need money to keep the game afloat and to feed their familys…

          • @Orc

            Eve has been doing that for about a decade. Neverwinter and Star Trek online also do basically the same thing, trade in game currency for cash shop currrency.

    • it is true. it is a garbage company and these kids defending it here, like that retard saying ” they need money to feed their family?!” are retarded or just shills that work for them.

      lol and dota 2 also need to “feed their family” but they still do not make scam games like this one


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