If it seems like just last week that the Rise of Nehliya update for ArcheAge was announced … well, it was. Today the update goes live for both ArcheAge and the pay-to-play ArcheAge Unchained, bringing a new region, a bunch of quests, and a little help for your farm.

Nehliya is “the biggest threat to Erenor so far” and you’ll take her on after braving the dangers of Mysthrane Gorge and helping the Crimson Watch in a series of nine new main story quests. Along the way, you’ll tangle with ancient Ipnya Machinery like the Risopoda, a giant rolling war machine that you can see in trailer below. Who knew that the “MM” in “MMORPG” stood for “Mad Max”?

Like a good capitalist, you can now hire workers to do your bidding in the form of farmhands, who help you tend your land and do Trade Runs for you. You can level them up to increase their capabilities, and maybe in a future patch, they’ll form a union and demand 35-hour work weeks.

You can get more info on Rise of Nehliya on the ArcheAge website or check out the patch notes on the forums.

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  1. Sorry, Nah!. its staying UN INSTALLED>
    The in game labor points system mess’s F2p players badly, and others in game, by putting them back in a friggin queue, forever waiting to re gen points just to play the games other main game plays.
    Your put on hold, till you accumulate more labor points by staying logged in all friggin day.
    Trion was one of the reasons why I never went back after the lousy launch, after that was sort of dusted, I went back recently, and its still labor that compromises game play or feeling any achievement. Labor points stops you dead from your favorite activities in the game.
    quote: labor points are required to do almost anything related to Crafting, Professions or completing Trade Runs.” these are core game activities that end up blocked everyday and does not take long to use them up. The wait is not worth the use time.
    its a pointless game when it has a points system that tries to hold you logged in for no reason other than gathering points to carry on doing things the game really needs you to be doing.
    ArcheAge is currently is a stupid waste of time and power, unless you want to run around like your doing something other than accumulating points which you are but aren’t willing to admit.
    Yeah I hear you crying you can run fight around here and there but it stops you dead without labor points when really enjoy the game for the more depth things to play in the game.
    Devifs, please get rid of labor points.
    for now and until its, bye bye


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