Kickstarter has become a seemingly overnight sensation in 2012, especially for indie developers looking for an intuitive, investor-free method of raising money to produce their titles. Developers have been given hundreds of thousands of dollars while offering up nothing more than some key concept art and a good pitch.

More recently, we have begun to see game projects move towards Kickstarter, in order to help push the game down the home stretch towards completion. The games themselves have already been in development for a while, but the developers usually needed just a bit more funding to finish it. CodeBrush is looking for just that in order to complete their upcoming title, ArcheBlade.

ArcheBlade, the upcoming team-based, third-person, street fighter-esque title has been in development at the South Korea based development company for over four years now, but funds are running out. SeungBum Jin, the CEO of CodeBrush Games, says that Kickstarter will allow them to expand the contents of the game – adding new characters, character skins, maps, and many more features. Unfortunately, SeungBum doesn’t go into great detail about what exactly these “features” are. What’s more vauge, the company is asking for 100,000 dollars to finish the game, citing the need for more developers among other things.

CodeBrush has already promised an early 2013 release via Steam, so it’s a little alarming that the company is asking for so much, with relatively so little time left before the release. Still, the game looks and sounds interesting. With a beta just recently wrapping up, it doesn’t seem like the game will be delayed, but perhaps merely devoid of the features and content the developers want at release. Either way $100,000 is a pretty steep order for a game with currently very little western presence.

You can check out CodeBrush’s Kickstarter campaign here or visit the ArcheBlade site directly for more information. Did you get a chance to try out ArcheBlade during the CBT? What did you think of it? Let us know!

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Kickstarter is an American-based crowd funding website for creative projects. Kickstarter has funded a diverse array of endeavors, ranging from indie films

  2. this kickstarters are getting popular and a real LOL. What this does is you give money to some guys for god knows what kind of game…what it should be is investment, based on how much you invest (% of total) you should be given certain % of the profits when it goes love.

  3. hmm i played this game during beta and i got a little bit dissapointed , dunno the characters was fine and the maps was fine too, but there was too little combo and it seemed like the moves had no consistency between them.Anyway if they make it more intresting ill may back this up

  4. sorry but i wouldnt give any money to them only reason is why am i going to invest in something with no return , if the game becomes a hit or not doesn’t do any good. ”Either way $100,000 is a pretty steep order for a game with currently very little western presence.” that sums it up right there….. looks like there just tring to make some extra money off of this kickstarter hype.

  5. Hahahahaha, why to give them ideas or suggestions to that company for free ? you know, i been playing that game for a while, i gave them good suggestions, usually some comments like this is wrong, this is bad idea, always saying cause that cause this and few likes (like always a bit peevish) . All my work as a volunteer was ruined for a forum administrator that mock at me and make me feel realy bad cause i did not understand why an admin was saying thinks like that,

    I remember emailing to codebrush and tell to pay atencion to their administrators, they email me saying me sorry and all that and the administrator was fired O_O, what? i did not want that a simple talk with him was enough. I have no play since then, dont like the way codebrush do thinks. If they want help for ideas so pay them codebrush, cause thats my way now, i dont work for free,

    Now they ask for help and money for future proyect ( if you pay them 10000$ they make the character that you want XD and a lot of extra features ) they want to achieve 100000$.

    Well, i want to get money from outside too from people pay me in advance,then me and some of my friends that works as progammers will be happy working on game s industry, if you know what do i mean, i would like to say to codebrush if you pay me i work for you, i do whatever you want wentever you want, i move to other countries if you want i learn other languages if you want and then get hired, but it seems to me that they want to get pay and give them ideas from people (free way ) cool i feel more confidence if i want to make a game company now… INCREDIBLE.

  6. Honestly, the game looks like it’s worth checking out, at least from my point of view. I love the idea of hack and slash, and as much as people would like to claim it’s nothing more then who can mash buttons the quickest, it actually does have quite a bit of skill involved, though after seeing this article, or news, I’ve decided to check out some gameplay footage, and happened to run across one showcasing all the characters. I have to say, the game does look like it could get intense, and I think what they’re trying to accomplish by bringing it to steam is going to work.

    However, it’s not worth backing up without actually gaining access until January, if I’m investing my money into a game, I would honestly prefer to have a demo, and then continue to give feedback on what the game needs to better improve itself. What is seems they’re trying to do now, is simply say; “Give us your money, you won’t get access until we’re a month away from launch”. To me that sounds like a joke, all games on Steam Greenlight, or games that want backing up from individuals have some sort of Demo, or Beta/Alpha upon giving them money, the one’s I’ve chose to invest into anyways.

    So after all is said and done, why should I invest my money into a game where my opinion literally won’t matter, because the game will launch within a month when I finally get the chance to test, and give feedback.

    Game looks great, but if I’ve no demo to test, and feedback won’t matter until it’s too late, I feel there’s no point in investing. Maybe once their next “Beta” decides to roll around, I’ll think about investing when I have a product, or at least a Demo to provide feedback on.

    • There isn’t any MMORPG where you can “create your own character”
      Most of them just give you 4-8 classes
      Some allow you to create a path which is still limited with 4-8 options
      Whatever you do you get a character with similar play-style to others
      At least in MOBA games characters have different play-styles

      • They mean create a character from scratch… which lots of MMORPG’s let you do (Where have you been?)

        while there may be classes, you can at least customize the way you character looks.
        and i agree… i hate preset characters that you have no customization control over.

        • While this may be true your argument still gets invalid after a few hours of gameplay. Most characters will look and play the same especially in your typical mmorpg. I prefer stylized characters that have a unique and neat look and feel to them.


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