The saga of Guild Wars 2‘s unstable EU servers seems to finally be at an end. All in all, six and a half hours of progress — from 9:40 a.m. to 4:10 p.m. UTC Monday — were lost, and late yesterday, ArenaNet announced its compensation for players who were affected.

Any items purchased with Gems during that time will be restored “in the next few days” but if you sent an item through the mail or placed it in your bank, you’ll need to do it again yourself. If you acquired a rare and valuable item, such as a precursor, you’re encouraged to contact Customer Support to see about the possibility of a replacement.

On the compensation front, all EU server players who logged into the game during the affected time frame will receive a free Curious Creatures Mount Select License and all EU players who have logged into GW2 over the past month will receive a free Communal Boost Bonfire. The Bonfire is a pretty standard compensation reward — I’ve received a couple in my years with the game — and not simply handed out to represent that the servers were on fire. Probably.

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