ArenaNet Makes It Easier To Get Your Siege Turtle In Guild Wars 2

Final meta-event boss has been slightly nerfed, and an alternate vendor will sell you your egg.

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GW2 Siege Turtle

Since the End of Dragons expansion went live for Guild Wars 2, people have been acquiring their Siege Turtle mounts 2 at ... well, a turtle's pace. You need to complete the Battle for Jade Sea meta event to acquire the egg for your Siege Turtle, and that's proven difficult, as metas sometimes fail and their time investment is wasted. That's not so bad when the promised reward is just a little loot and some XP or karma, but when it's something major, like a mount you can't get anywhere else -- a signature feature of the expansion -- then it becomes even more frustrating when you can't get it.

To address that issue, ArenaNet has already made some changes to the final battle of the event. After last week's changes were made, successful completion of the event "continues to rise each day," according to a forum post from the staff, which also outlined other changes that had just been implemented. Specifically, the final boss's "Tail" attack will trigger about 50% less often, which will "give players longer windows to deal damage to the boss and contend with the various other mechanics of the encounter."

Another update, planned for March 15, will provide an alternate path toward securing your Siege Turtle egg. A new vendor on the Jade Sea map will sell the egg for 200 Writs of the Jade Sea, though players can still acquire the egg via the previous method of completing the meta.

The forum post concluded by comparing the encounter to previous GW2 meta-events that seemed very hard to complete at first but the community eventually overcome, such as Tequatl, Triple Trouble, or Dragon Stand. The comparison is far from apt, however, since those encounters were, like I said at the start, just things you could do to gain some non-critical loot -- they weren't tied to a major feature of an expansion, and you could progress through the game just fine without ever doing any of them. Tying the acquisition of the Siege Turtle to the event is a different matter entirely, and the developers should understand why player dissatisfaction is higher this time around.

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